how to make a family emergency storm kit

Be Ready for Any Storm with Duracell

cbias-disclaimer-june2014Growing up in New England, the only bad weather we had were blizzards (rare) and hurricanes (even rarer). But with both of those, you usually had plenty of notice that they were going to happen and time was on your side. Now that I live in Texas, the type of storms we have, especially in the spring and fall (Tornadoes) you unfortunately do not have much of any warning. It can go from Sunny to rainy to tornado within a few minutes. Although, this post isn’t meant to be scary or to make anyone nervous, but we all know, we need to be somewhat prepared! It’s somewhat embarrassing and silly that I have had to sit in a bathroom with 6 people and we were so unprepared when those sirens started going off so I have decided to put together a storm kit, so that next time there is a storm in the area, I can grab a bag and get to where I need to be – without making Lennox too nervous. The number one item on my list, was a backup supply of Duracell batteries! Let me share with you what else I got and why Duracell was my choice!

how to make a family emergency storm kit

My first job is to keep Lennox safe, but second, I want to keep her happy and not worried about the storm that may or may not be happening soon. So, this past week I headed to Walmart to get what I needed for our Terrell Family Storm Kit! The very first thing I had to buy was batteries. I decided to pick up Duracell.


Remember when they used to have the power gauge’s on them? Well the new Duracell Quantums have that again and they are guaranteed to have a 10 year storage life, perfect for a storm kit!

Family Emergency Storm Kit with Duracell

When shopping for this storm kit, I knew I had to get essentials plus items to keep Lennox entertained. First, I picked up all the essentials. Here is what I decided on:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Storm Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Duracell Batteries
  • Wet Naps / Hand Sanitizer
  • Portable Charger for iPhone / iPad


Then I grabbed a few things that would keep Lennox occupied and distracted if we end up sitting in a bathroom or closet waiting out a tornado warning!

  • Board Game
  • Coloring / Activity Books
  • Crayons
  • Kid’s Flashlight
  • Duracell Batteries
  • Candy (it’s the way to her heart and a good distraction!)


Thankfully, most of the storms here pass quickly, so we don’t ave hours of sitting and waiting – more like 30-45 minutes at the most. I believe these items will all be useful next time a severe weather alert pops up, but hopefully we won’t have to use it too often or anytime soon, honestly!

Family Storm Emergency Kit Bag

What types of storms do you have to prepare for? Do you have a backup supply of batteries and supplies? If not, head to the store and grab a few essentials to have around the house. I would recommend Duracell since they will last so long in storage!

Note: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias for the #PrepWithPower campaign. All photos and opinions are 100% my own.

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2 thoughts on “Be Ready for Any Storm with Duracell

  1. Stephanie

    Great idea to pick up that portable iPad charger! I didn’t realize they brought back power gauge’s – LOVE the visual to see how much “juice” is left! Thanks for sharing what’s in our kit! #client


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