I need some suggestions…

I need some suggestions…on how to make mornings before school, better for Lennox.

Each morning when I wake up Lennox (or when she wakes up, but usually it’s the other way around), Lennox doesn’t want to get up. Once she gets up, she watches a little cartoon and eats her breakfast then we get dressed and ready for school. That is when the fight starts. She doesn’t want to get dressed, because she doesn’t want to go to school.

When we ask her why she doesn’t want to go to school, she doesn’t have a good answer. I understand she doesn’t want to leave us, and all that, but she knows we are both going to work and there isn’t another option. Once we are at school, most days she is happy and we go off to work. Some days she is crying when I leave her, but I know she calms down quickly. The rest of the day goes well and she is happy to be at school according to everyone there. When I pick her up, she is happy and sometimes doesn’t want to leave!

This summer she gets to do fun things at school such as Music class, Art, Science, Chinese, etc. There is not a lack of activities so she is kept busy.

But every morning, we have to have this fight about getting dressed and going to school and it’s exhausting and not how I want any of us to start our day.

Does anyone else go through this with their child? Any suggestions on how to make the morning a little better?

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6 thoughts on “I need some suggestions…

  1. Christy

    I hope it works out for you b/c I know 1st hand how frustrating that can be! One thing I did was stopped allowing her to watch t.v. before school in the mornings. (It seemed to give her more incentive to want to stay home.) Best of luck to you! A lot of this parenting stuff is trial & error. =-)

  2. Lisa Weidknecht

    Quite simply, let her sleep in her clothes for the next day. That totally eliminates the morning fight. Sure she might be slightly wrinkled, but at least your face won’t wrinkle prematurely!

  3. Jayne @ The Naptown Organizer

    Does she dress herself? Sometimes I find the best way to get my kids to do something is to make a game out of it. Can you get this sock on faster than I can get the other one on you sort of a thing? I also try to give choices whenever possible – do you want to put your pants on first or your shirt? Do you want to crawl in Little Lady’s side of the car when we go outside or will you crawl in your side, etc. I know control is a big thing in our house. Unfortunately, they can’t really have control over when we leave or where we go (within reason), but they can have control of some of the things before hand. And, if all else fails, a visual schedule is a go-to with both my kids and the therapy kids I’ve worked with in the past!


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