Meeting Baby Jonah

Last Thursday afternoon, Kyle and I gained a new Nephew and Lennox got a new cousin! This is Jonah!

We were in Colorado still when this beautiful boy entered the world, but we got to see him once we got back on Sunday he is just the cutest little thing.


The whole time we were on vacation, every time Lennox saw a little baby, she would ask if “Firetrucky” (his nickname) would be that small. Every time, we told her that he would be even smaller! She couldn’t believe it. When it was time, she was ready to hold him and be very gentle! I’m proud of how she acted around him!


Our new nephew, Jonah, is a happy and healthy boy. I can’t wait to watch him grow up with this big brother, Henry, and Lennox!


And if it’s up to Kyle – he’ll be a future Longhorns fan for life! Here Jonah is, checking out his first longhorn!kyle-jonah-longhorns Lennox had a great time meeting her new cousin, Jonah, but when it was time to go – in the car on the way home she cried because she wanted to be that small again and be my baby. It was pretty cute 😉 She’ll always be my baby!

Stay tuned – I’m sure I will be sharing many more photos of Jonah in he future! Congrats to the new moms too!!

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