Father’s Day Gift for a New Dad: Video Monitor

Whether you are (or know) a new father or a father of a little older child, having a monitor that gives them some piece of mind when taking care of their child is ideal. Kyle obviously isn’t a new dad but with Lennox being upstairs in her room and our room being downstairs, we still have a big need for a video monitor. We never really know what Lennox is doing up there by just listening on an audio monitor, so having a video monitor became a necessity.

Recently we received the new Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor (SCD603) to try out for Lennox’s room and I’m happy to say it has been great! We have used other video monitors – all which have been different from each other. We first had one that was a first generation that was black and white, poor reception between floors and just wasn’t ideal at all. Then we tried a webcam type camera. We really liked that one except the fact that there was no handheld base. This Philips AVENT model has almost all the features that we look for in a video monitor. Awesome!


The design of this Philips AVENT video monitor is simple yet sleek and sophisticated. The picture quality is near perfect and the number one feature that all 3 of us LOVE is the lullaby mode! Even though Lennox is almost 4 years old (NEXT WEEK!), the lullaby mode has really helped us with our bedtime routine. Most evenings Lennox fights going to sleep. I turn on the lullabies that play through this monitor and it instantly calms her and she is drifting off into dreamland incredibly fast. Kyle wishes it would play all night so that he could listen to it too I think!

A little more technical information about the Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor SCD603:

  • Parental unit featured a large 2.4″ color video screen and 500 ft. range for freedom of movement.
  • Rotating camera and night vision provides the bet view of baby, day or night.
  • Secure connection via 2.4GHz digital and DECT technology maintains privacy
  • Wall mountable baby unit for optimal positioning
  • Lullabies and nigh light help lull baby to sleep.
  • This monitor is available on Amazon.com for under $150!


So if you are looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift for a new dad in your life, consider this Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor! You won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I received the above product in return for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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