Summer School 2013 vs 2014 Comparison

Thanks to the Timehop app (which I love by the way!), I saw that I took a first week of summer school photo last year. I decided to take a photo yesterday in the same spot to see the difference and I wanted to share.


What do you think? I don’t see as big of a difference, compared to the first day / last day of school photos the other day.

So far the first week of Summer School has gone well. She likes her new teacher and she has some new and old friends in class for the summer, which is great. I think Lennox was ready for a little bit of a change and I hope when we get back from vacation, she will be refreshed and ready to learn learn learn!!

Do your children go to summer school or do they stay home with you? I wish I could stay home with her, but honestly she is probably have more fun, and I know learning more – there, than if she was home with me!

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