Y3W: Our Family Vacation

Our vacation is ending tonight. We have had a great trip, a busy trip, an exciting trip, an exhausting trip. But overall, a good trip! Being away for a week as a family is great, but with a (almost) 4 year old, it can be challenging. Putting Lennox to bed in a hotel room is nearly impossible. Getting her to sleep past 6 am is even more impossible.

She is exhausted and I really hope this weekend brings her some good sleeping in. She needs it desperately!

The biggest highlight of our trip? Kyle graduating from college! It was a great day – Lennox was excited and sat quietly almost the whole time – I couldn’t of asked for her to do better.

We were able to eat some yummy food and spend time with some of our friends afterwards. Lennox now has a new buddy, Jude!

Once we get back, I will share more, but until then – enjoy the mountain view!

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