Denver Downtown Aquarium

Denver Downtown Aquarium Mermaids

On our first full day in Denver, we headed to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. The number one reason we headed there was to see the mermaids! I had heard from someone else who lives there that they had mermaids that did shows throughout the day. I knew that if the mermaids showed up while Lennox was walking through the Aquarium that she would freak! In a good way of course!

So we headed down to the Aquarium for lunch and then headed into the aquarium with Kyle’s mom and Gran! Lennox was not interested in anything except finding the mermaids – thankfully they were having their show in just a few minutes. We headed to the under water tunnel and waited for the music to start and then she appeared…

Denver Downtown Aquarium

and her…

Denver Downtown Aquarium

and this was Lennox’s face… super happy!!Denver Downtown Aquarium Lennox kept her eyes on the mermaids – especially the purple one! It was the coolest thing to watch – and a great experience for Lennox. The fact that mermaids aren’t real and then she saw these two, was pretty awesome!Denver Downtown AquariumWhen we were about to leave the aquarium, we found one of the mermaids sitting out on the edge of the pool for pictures! Lennox went right up and sat next to her! Denver Downtown Aquarium

Outside the aquarium they have a few things to see as well. Lennox liked checking out the shark. He reminds me of the shark from Finding Nemo! Fish are friends..not food!Denver Downtown Aquarium Denver Downtown Aquarium

And lastly, we went around and around on the carousel! Usually I go and stand next to her, but this one she was tall enough to go on her own and she decided she wanted to do it by herself! I just love this happy face!Denver Downtown Aquarium

If you are in the Denver area, you should stop by the Downtown Aquarium and check out the awesome mermaids!

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