How to Entertain Kids in Harwich – Cape Cod

Whether you live on Cape Cod or are just visiting, Harwich Cape Cod has a lot of family and kid attractions to do. Sometime you need a break from being a beach bum and need to do some fun stuff! Even though I grew up on Cape Cod and come back each summer to visit, sometimes its great to be a tourist, especially with a little one! Lennox loves everything about what there is to do in Harwich I think! From the Harwich bumper boats to the go karts and trampolines, there is plenty to do to have a fun family summer afternoon.

best family attractions in harwich cape cod

Harwich Bumper Boats

The Harwich bumper boats, also known as Grand Slam Family Entertainment, are located on rt. 28 in Harwich. They have a range of activities to enjoy as well. Bumper Boats may be their #1 attraction, but they also have batting cages for all skill levels and good ol’ fashion arcade!

Harwich Bumper Boats

If you plan on heading to the bumper boats, I would suggest wearing your bathing suits or be okay with getting wet! Lennox got soaked during our time on the bumper boats! On a warm day, it sure does feel good!

Harwich Bumper Boats

Grand Slam Family Entertainment – Baseball & Bumper Boats – 322 Route 28, Harwichport, MA.

Harwich Go Karts

Our favorite spot in Harwich are the Go Karts! These go karts have not changed one bit since I was a kid. Bud’s Go Karts are located right down the street from the bumper boats as well on Rt. 28 in Harwichport. In my opinion, these are the best go karts on the cape and the least expensive. Young children can ride with an adult for free and it’s great to race around the circle track with your family! Open late each night too! Riding around in the dark is even more fun!

Harwich Go Karts

Bud’s Go Karts – 9 Sisson Rd (on the corner of Rt. 28), Harwichport, MA

Harwich Trampolines

The Harwich Trampoline Center located on Rt. 28, is a tried and true family spot as well. This is where you can bring your kids, or your inner child, and they can jump their little hearts away! They have many in ground trampolines. One child per trampoline is their rule and you pay by the # of minutes (around $3 for 10 minutes). This is great because any age can go and you can even switch on and off with another child or adult. I would recommend wearing socks in the summer, as the trampolines do get hot in the sun!

cape cod harwich trampolines

Harwich Trampoline Center – 296 Route 28, Harwich, MA

Best Ice Cream Spot in Harwich

One of the best spots on the cape for ice cream is located in Harwich! The Sundae School is a must stop while on Cape Cod. Although, I personally prefer the Orleans location, the Harwichport location is great too, especially on a busy night! All of their ice cream is homemade on location and they have one of the best hot fudge sundaes! Get a hot fudge sundae with your favorite flavor, with marshmallow instead of whipped cream, and a real cherry on top – you won’t be disappointed!

Sundae School - Ice Cream Sundae

Photo credit: Sundae School (

Sundae School Ice Cream – 606 Main Street Route 28, Harwichport, MA

Wychmere Harbor

If you drive by Wychmere Harbor on a sunny weekend afternoon, I bet you will see a bride getting her pictures taken or a family photo session happening. I like stopping by the harbor to take a few photos of the boats in the harbor, letting Lennox run around the park, smell the flowers or even have a quick picnic snack! It’s also a great spot to bring your ice cream and relax! Wychmere Harbor is located on Rt. 28 near all of the above!


So if you are headed to the Cape, make sure to have a tourist afternoon in the fun town of Harwich!

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  1. Kami

    I live so incredibly close to the Cape, yet I’ve never been! Looks like we need to take a family vacation there! Lincoln would have a blast!!


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