Fork Flower Painting, Fork Tulip Painting

Fork Flower Painting Kid’s Craft

I’m revisiting one of my favorite crafts so far. I think it’s a great craft for the summertime while you have your kids at home. Let the use their imagination and see what type of masterpiece they create!

When I worked on this art project with Lennox, I let her decide the colors, how she wanted to lay it out, etc. You can give your kids as much or as little help as you want! I love how it turned out and will be adding it to her canvas painting series that I’m putting up in our home office. As you will see, it’s really quite simple!

Fork Flower Painting, Fork Tulip Painting

Fork Tulip Painting Kid’s Craft

What you will need:

Fork Tulip Art Project with Crayola Paints #ColorfulCreations

  • Kid’s Paint
  • Canvas
  • Empty Soda Bottle
  • Plastic Forks
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper Plates


STEP ONE: Select the paint colors your child wants to use and pour a little of each onto a paper plate. Put one fork or paint brush in each color!

STEP TWO: When you are ready to start the flowers, dip the forks into the desired paint color and press it against the canvas. We decided on 8 flowers, but you can do as many or as little as you want. Scatter the flowers out – remember you will be adding stems later!

making-flowers-with-forks-#colorfulcreationsSTEP THREE: Once all the flowers are on the canvas, you can create a different type of flower using the bottom of an empty soda bottle! Cover the bottom of the bottle in paint and press onto canvas.

making-flower-with-soda-bottle-#colorfulcreationsSTEP FOUR: Now it’s time to paint the stems onto each of the flowers and any other finishing touches your child would like (sun, grass, clouds, ect). That’s it! Here is how our final painting came out.


Using objects you have around the house makes for a fun and random art project! Give it a shot – you will love how it comes out! What objects from around the house have you used to paint or do art with? I’m always looking for new ideas! Now its time to make another summer painting and then fall and our collection will be complete!Fork Flower Painting, Fork Tulip Painting

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