Glenwood Hot Springs Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs

Once we left Denver, we made our way through the mountains and to a cute little town of Glenwood Springs. You’ll find this along the highway, right after exit “No Name”. Random! This small town is centered around the world’s largest hot spring pool! Although, we only actually spent one day at the springs due to time, it was an amazing spot and I really hope we get to go back sometime.

First, heading into Glenwood Springs we went through every season of the year – we went from a hot Denver, to a cold Golden, to a raining Breckenridge to a SNOWING Vail! Then we hit the warm, sunny Glenwood Springs.


Once we were settled in and had a good nights rest, the next morning we headed to Glenwood Hot Springs. I will say, if you don’t stay at their lodge, it’s not super cheap to spend the day there – but it’s worth it and its your entertainment for the whole day! I would recommend getting the all day package that includes unlimited slide rides plus lunch! It’s really worth it.

Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado Glenwood Springs is made up of 4 pool areas, a large swimming pool that is a mix of spring water and fresh water. This is great for kids, as it is not too hot – it’s not cold by any means, but it is just right! They have a deep end with diving board for swimmers, lanes for those who want to do laps and then a very large area for everything else!glenwood-hot-springs-04Next to this area is the hot springs hot tub. It is pure spring water, at a very hot temperature. You are only encouraged to stay in for a few minutes at a time. Kids are welcome, but Lennox wanted nothing to do with it – it was too hot! Then they do also have a kid area, that allowed them to swim around and splash, in an area that was shallow. Lennox made some friends in this spot!

Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Lastly, they have the 2 slides. I went on both and Lennox was allowed to go on both, but we didn’t let her go in the blue one. It goes SO fast, with no tube and you get so much water in your face, she would have been terrified! I was scared and I’m a grown adult! The green slide though, with a double tube, was right up her ally. I think if we let her, she would have gone on it ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, over and over and over again! IT was so fun. You get plenty wet and go very fast, but you are in a tube so it’s a little safer for kids. They also can wear floatation devices – perfect! Warning, the water is VERY cold!!!

glenwood-hot-springs-02 glenwood-hot-springs-01Other than swimming, they have mini-golf, temporary tattoo station, snowcones, ice cream, pizza, etc. All the food was good and the prices were appropriate.

I would recommend getting there early too, so that you can get a good spot and chairs – they fill up fast! You can even rent a cabana if you have a lot of people!

Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

So that was Glenwood Springs. I really hope to get back and would recommend going 100% if you are ever in the area!

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