My First Broadway Experience: IF/THEN

A few weeks ago I was in New York City for Blogger Bash. Once it was over, I had decided to stay an extra day in New York City. It is an amazingly fun city and you just can’t go there without doing some sight-seeing, shopping, eating and of course, Broadway!

I have been to shows before but not in New York City! I decided I would splurge on myself and get a good seat at a Broadway show. When I looked to see what was playing, I saw that one of my favorites, Idina Menzel, had a show! I knew that was the one I had to go to. Idina Menzel is the lead in the Broadway musical, IF/THEN. Here are my thoughts on the evening!


The Theatre: The show is at the Richard Rodgers Theatre right next to Time’s Square. The location is easy to get to and in a very busy / active part of the city so that’s a bonus at night! The theatre itself is very beautiful inside, but there some featured that are dated such as limited restrooms, seat size, etc. It is an older theatre, originally called the 46th Street Theatre, it opened in 1924. So some of these features make sense! The Richard Rodgers theatre is the home of many broadway shows such as, Chicago, Damn Yankees, Guys and Dolls and Anything Goes. TIP: If you are someone who is looking to have a drink during the show – you are allowed drinks and snacks. Don’t forget to pre-order your drinks for intermission so that you don’t have to stand in a long line!


The Show: IF/THEN is a modern musical show which explores the choices you make and the chances you take and how they shape your life to the way it is today, or even the way it could be. The shows includes all sides of the story! The set is simple yet exactly what is needed for a story like this. The rotating set on stage helps you get into the mindset of what story is happening. Within the show, there are many different stories happening – it may sound complex but it was easy to follow. When the story changes, the stage scene changes. The music is great, very modern. The music is catchy and I saw a lot of people purchasing the album after the show. IF/THEN has music that you will want to listen to over and over again after the show. The one thing that you don’t get in this musical that you may in others is elaborate costume design. It is set in modern-day with “average” young / middle-aged characters so the wardrobe was just traditional clothing. It worked well with the story but if you are looking for over the top makeup and costume, you won’t get that in this show.


The Cast: I think the cast speaks for itself in this show! The #1 reason I chose this show was because of the female lead, Idina Menzel! After seeing her performance in RENT, listening to her in Frozen and hearing about her Tony Award Winning performance in Wicked (I still need to see it!), I knew she would be great. Idina did not disappoint. Not one bit! She is so real and a natural talent. There are moments during the show where she is singing on her own and it is amazing. Her voice was flawless and she sure can belt out the notes! She was stunning. Idina-Menzel-in-If-Then-photo-by-Joan-Marcus-0299r

The other actor I really wanted to see was Anthony Rapp, but unfortunately he was not performing the night I went. That was disappointing but the swing performer for him was great too and I think very similar to Anthony Rapp. My other two favorite performers were LaChanze from The Color Purple and James Snyder from the Broadway show Cry-Baby. The whole cast did a great job and everyone seemed to fit into their roles perfectly.


IF/THEN will make you literally laugh, cry and think about life and the choices you have made. There really is nothing I would have changed about this show. It was amazingly good. If you are in New York City anytime soon, you really need to see this show!

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