sea shell crafts

Sea Shell Art & Crafts

We are in the middle of spending two weeks on Cape Cod, which means lots of time at the beach for Lennox! Each summer we come home with a bag of shells that Lennox has collected. This year I thought making some crafts with the seashells when we get home would be a good idea!

I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and wanted to share some of my favorite ideas for Sea Shell Crafts!

sea shell crafts

Sea Shell Crafts

  1. Shell Christmas Tree Ornament
  2. Shell Pencil Holder
  3. Shell Fish
  4. Shell People
  5. Painted Shells
  6. Glitter Shells
  7. Shell Letters
  8. Shell Stamps
  9. Shell Stepping Stones

Do you have a good idea for how we can use all the sea shells Lennox collects?

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6 thoughts on “Sea Shell Art & Crafts

  1. Christy

    How fun! Living in Galveston, you can imagine we have an abundance of shells and my daughter loves to craft. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas.


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