Back to School with FROZEN!

cbias-disclaimer-june2014There is just something about back to school supplies that I love. I don’t know why. I have always loved going and buying new pencils, notebooks, folders, a backpack and everything else that is needed for the first day of school! Remember picking out a trapper keeper or a Lisa Frank folder? That is what it was all about! Down here in Texas, the kid’s aren’t as lucky as we used to be. They have VERY specific back to school lists that they have to stick too. Of course, you can always buy extra’s for homework and at home but the in class items have to all be the same (I’m talking only 1 red folder with 3 holes, X brand pencils, etc). A little of the fun has left that area but there are still plenty of fun things to find! Lennox isn’t old enough to have too many back to school items yet but there are a few things that she uses that I grabbed for her this back to school season. The theme for this years backpack and school supplies? FROZEN of course! We couldn’t forget about our dear friends Olaf, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff to keep the #FrozenFun alive, when we head back to school!

back-to-school-with-disneys-frozenLennox loves FROZEN, as do I! I think it is a movie that has become a family favorite all over the world – it’s not just for kids! I was so excited when I got to see the REAL Elsa, Idina Menzel, on Broadway in New York City last month too! Lennox couldn’t believe I got to see her. She did realize that Idina is who plays the voice of Elsa, as she saw her singing on TV this spring. You have to watch this video too – she copies everything that “Elsa” does – including wearing a matching dress (her pretend wedding dress from her Mimi)!

We headed to Walmart a few weeks ago and stocked up on everything we needed before there was a mad rush for school supplies! We were able to find everything we needed and all with the FROZEN theme! They had a huge variety of FROZEN items all featured our beloved characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf and all the FROZEN friends. It is all so much fun! My favorite find was a backpack!


If you are going to look for the backpack – we found it near the registers, not with all the other backpacks!


This weekend, I got all the FROZEN back to school stuff out again and let Lennox check it all out and get herself ready for back to school. She only has 3 more days of summer school and then it’s time for the school year to start. Her very last school year before heading to Kindergarten. I don’t see how this is even possible!!


disney-frozen-back-to-school-suppliesOne of her favorites was her new FROZEN Elsa & Anna tumbler mason jar cup. Great for her morning juice on the way to school or an after school snack.


She also loves her new FROZEN poster for her bedroom. She got her new twin sized bed this summer and the theme of her room is FROZEN and Superheros – her two favorite things! Her poster is a great addition to her room and her handmade Olaf she made this winter!


So if you are looking for some last-minute back to school supplies and your little one loves FROZEN as much as we do, make sure to head to Walmart and find some great supplies at very low prices!


What is your favorite FROZEN merchandise that your little one has? Do you love FROZEN just as much as your kids? Lastly, what theme is your kid’s back to school items this year?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and the #FrozenFun campaign. All opinions, videos and photos are 100% my own.

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4 thoughts on “Back to School with FROZEN!

  1. Natalie

    We have the same backpack! Our almost 2 year old is having a Frozen themed party at the end of the month. Our 6 year old will be Elsa and the guest of honor will be Anna (their personal favorites! Love the movie, the actors and the MUSIC!

  2. Summer Davis

    Of COURSE we love Frozen! My daughter turns 5 in September and she’s getting all Frozen presents, a dress, some dolls, and a tiara. She’s gonna flip and I can’t wait. 🙂 #client


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