Day Trip to Aspen & Maroon Bells

When we were in Colorado for a week this summer, one of our day trips was to Aspen. I have always wanted to go to Aspen. Of course, I bet its even more beautiful in the winter when it’s covered in white fluffy snow, but spring/summer will have to do for now!

aspen01Aspen was about an hour drive from Glenwood Springs, where we were staying. So after breakfast we hopped into the car and we were on our way. Driving to Aspen from Glenwood was a really nice drive as you are not on a big interstate highway as we were prior days, instead you drive through a lot of small towns before hitting the Aspen area.


Once arriving in Aspen we wandered around town. It was a little different from what I expected, but it reminded me a lot of Cape Cod. I know a lot of Cape Codders and New Englanders vacation in the winter in Aspen, and I can see why. Although it is different, it really is very similar. It is a town of higher class stores, adult appeal and naturally beautiful.




We roamed around town, grabbed some lunch where you could sit outside on the pedestrian road, eat some amazing homemade macaroni and cheese and try an adult beverage, a Moscow Mule. Kyle said that they were known for that so we tried one! It was pretty good and the copper mule cup it comes in, is pretty awesome!


Lennox had some time to play at the bottom of the ski slopes on a mountain themed playground and then we decided, as the weather was turning, we would go see the number one most scenic spot in Colorado, the Maroon Bells!




The Maroon Bells area is a 30 minute drive from downtown Aspen, but it is beautifully scenic. If you go in the middle of the summer, you would be required to take a shuttle but since we had a child with us, we were allowed to drive due to the car seat! Honestly, that was way better than taking the shuttle too! We could take our time and stop for any wildlife we saw. We were lucky enough to see a few deers and other creatures that Lennox loved!

aspen-maroon-bells-10Can you spot the animal?aspen-maroon-bells-12Once at the Maroon Bells, we went on the search for some snow, and low and behold we found some – this made Lennox very excited! It may have been old, kind of gross snow, honestly, but oh well – she loved it!aspen-maroon-bells-08aspen-maroon-bells-04 aspen-maroon-bells-07Since the weather was turning (cloudy, cool and sprinkling) it wasn’t busy at all. It’s a quiet area where you can take in the scenery. Lennox took this picture of us. She completely chopped off the mountains but not too bad of a picture for a 4-year-old! aspen-maroon-bells-05aspen-maroon-bells-02It was quiet enough that a LARGE Cinnamon Bear decided to make an appearance. I was able to snap a few photos of him – he really wasn’t far from us at all – it was little nerve-wracking – but he went along his business and eventually went back into the woods!aspen-maroon-bells-06aspen-maroon-bells-11Seeing the Maroon Bells, the mountains and all of the Aspen Trees in bloom was beautiful. something about the gray sky, white barked trees and vibrant green leaves just make these trees so pretty to me.aspen08If you are in the area, I would really recommend heading to Aspen for a relaxing, scenic day! Maybe some day, we can get back during the winter!aspen09

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8 thoughts on “Day Trip to Aspen & Maroon Bells

  1. Molly

    Looks gorgeous! I’ve been to Colorado a lot but always Breckenridge to ski in the winter. I would love to go somewhere else in the summer. I know the boys would love it!


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