Lennox’s First Day of her Last Year in Montessori

Yesterday was Lennox’s first day of the school year. Her regular teacher was back, as were a number of her friends from last year. She woke up, excited for the day (and her Frozen backpack!). We got ready, ate breakfast, took some pictures and then headed to school. She met her friend in the parking lot and they both squealed with glee and ran into school ahead of us moms! She ran past the director, showing off their new backpacks and down the hall into their class!lennox-back-to-school-02 They took their class by storm and they were a giggling mess! I think they were VERY excited to have their regular teacher back! She should feel loved! The summer teacher was great, but I think they love the affection, attention and attitude of their normal teacher! It’s great to see them so excited!lennox-back-to-school-03Lennox day went well – I guess! She wouldn’t tell me much about it – other than she forgot to ask Ms. Cortney how to read! She was absolutely exhausted when we got home so I think that means she had a busy but successful day!

lennox-back-to-school-01Check out how much she has grown since this time last year! She sure has turned into a big girl! She has one more year at Montessori and then off to Kindergarten she goes – I can’t believe it!2013-vs-2014-first-day-of-school-lennox

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