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Back to School Princess Lunch with Juicy Juice + Free Lunch Note Printable

cbias-disclaimer-june2014T-minus 2 weeks until the official school season starts for Lennox. She has had a great summer and has enjoyed her summer teacher, but she is very ready for her lovely Montessori teacher to return! With the real school year starting back up, we have gotten Lennox a new backpack, lunch box, supplies, uniforms, etc. She doesn’t always bring a packed school lunch, as it’s much easier to just let her have the lunch school provides (seriously, it’s so yummy too!), but sometimes, she begs us to bring lunch. She is at the age where it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread to bring your lunch from home. With that in mind, I wanted to come up with a “Princess Lunch” that she could bring the first day of school!

Princess School Lunch, Back to School LunchesI headed to Walmart this weekend, during Tax-Free weekend mind you – I think I temporarily lost my mind – and found some great things to make the perfect princess lunch! The first thing I tackled was the food! I got her favorite sandwich meat (Turkey), grapes, carrots, cheese and crackers. I also picked up some Apple NESTLÉ Juicy Juice in juice boxes. These are really easy to put in her lunch box, without worrying about it spilling all over the place.MyGoodLife-lunch-nestle-walmartI wanted to add an extra special sweet treat for dessert – NESTLÉ Butterfingers and Crunch fun-size bars! I also picked up some lunch bag supplies such as frozen storage containers, a bento style lunch container, sandwich cutter and princess tea cup silicon cupcake liners. Then we headed home to get our school lunch supplies together!juicy-juice-school-lunch-01Once at home, I made the princess lunch for Lennox to try out first at home – which I think she was just as excited as bringing it to school! I gathered all the items and made a fun princess lunch for her!juicy-juice-school-lunch-04Simple little touches such as cutting her sandwich like a Princess castle or using a small heart shaped cookie cutter for the cheese make it extra special for a kid! I also found the pink silicon teacup cupcake liners to be great in a lunch box. They will hold lunch snack items such as carrots or grapes without making a mess and the fact that they were tea-cups just made Lennox so happy!juicy-juice-school-lunch-02Finally, after a nice back to school lunch, every little girl deserves some type of small sweet treat! I remember getting pudding as school or even ice cream! I loved it – I would eat all my lunch just so I could get that sweet treat at the end. So I decided to put in a small fun-sized Butterfinger and Crunch bar! I hope it was a fun surprise!juicy-juice-school-lunch-05

Another way to add a special little touch to your kid’s lunch boxes is to leave them a note from Mommy! It can be just a few kind words, a reminder, a joke – anything! Here is a cute little printable I made to get you started! DOWNLOAD LUNCH BOX NOTE PRINTABLE HERE.

free lunch note printable

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and the #MyGoodLife campaign. All opinions, videos, printables and photos are 100% my own.

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