Back to School Vaccinations & Teddy Bear First Aid Kit for Kids!

cbias-disclaimer-june2014With the school year starting in just a few weeks all over the country, parents are rushing around making sure that their children have all their back to school supplies, paperwork filed with the school and everything on the back to school checklist is marked off. One thing that every child has to have done to attend public school, is have the proper immunizations and vaccinations. Although not every vaccination is required, usually there are state minimum requirements. I know here in Texas, they are very strict and will not let children who have not had the shots, return to school. So, this may not be your child’s favorite part about the back to school season but it is necessary.


If you have a school age child (7+ years old) who is attending public school and needs vaccinations or immunizations, you may not be having a physical during the summer so you have to find somewhere to get them done. And if you are like me, getting them done quick and easy is the best way. Being a working mom, it’s hard to find time for a doctor’s appointment, so now that Walgreen’s has made it quick and easy, with no appointment needed, you can walk into your neighborhood Walgreen’s on any day and get your shots done right then and there — on your own schedule! Thankfully, unlike some clinics, Walgreen’s will accept most medical insurance and once you are done, the Walgreen’s pharmacists will send a report back to your primary care physician to add the immunizations / vaccinations to your child’s medical record. Sound pretty easy, right?


All of that is easy to do, but getting your little one to always cooperate when it’s time to see a doctor or even go get a shot can be another task all together. I always try to hype up the visit and maybe a special surprise after, to get the visit to be nerve and tear free! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

teddy-bear-first-aid-kit-02.jpgRecently, I put together a fun little pretend First Aid Kit for Lennox to use before her doctor appointments. This one isn’t for people though, it’s for her dolls and teddy bears! Here is our Teddy Bear & Doll First Aid Kit!teddy-bear-first-aid-kit-05I thought that letting her play doctor with her toys, would help her ease into the idea of going to the doctor, or even just Walgreen’s to get an immunization.

Teddy Bear First Aid Kit for Kids


To put this kit together, you will need the following:

  • Box (I used a pencil case) to hold everything
  • Toy Doctor’s Kit, I found one at the dollar store.
  • Wash cloth to use as a cold compress.
  • Band Aids to help with all those boo-boos and shots!
  • Gauze to help any serious injuries Mr. Teddy Bear may have!
  • Notepad (Dr. Lennox’s Notepad) & Pencil to help write down the diagnoses (think Doc McStuffins!)


Here is a video of the Doctor as well! She has loved playing with this!

I took all the items and put it into a box with this free printable teddy bear first aid kit printable label. Next time I may even let her bring it with her when she has to get a shot!


If you are getting your kid’s ready for back to school and need to get some shots, don’t forget about Walgreen’s. PLUS, if you head into Walgreen’s now and get your child’s immunizations you will be helping another child in need. Walgreen’s Get a Shot, Give a Shot program helps give children in a developing country a life saving immunization! All of this is through the United Nation Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign. This is just another reason why you should head to your neighborhood Walgreen’s this back to school season!


What do you do to help ease your child’s fear of shots or doctor visits?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and the #GiveaShot campaign. All opinions and photos are 100% my own.

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