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On-the-Go with a T-Mobile 4G Tablet: Trio AXS Quad Core

cbias-disclaimer-june2014I won’t pretend to be super mom right now. When we are headed out for any good length of time, I know that I need to bring my smart phone or tablet so that when Lennox gets whiny, bored or even tired, we have something for her to play with. Whether is running errands, road trips, sitting and waiting for doctors appointments its inevitable that she will get bored and want to play a game or watch a show. I let her do just that. I honestly don’t think there is much point in fighting it when we are out.  Unfortunately our beloved iPad took a crash bang SPLAT and the screen has cracked and doesn’t seem to be working very well. This is where our new T-Mobile 4G tablet came into the picture.

trio-axs-tabletWhen the iPad met its demise, we made due for quite some time but recently I got fed up with trying to deal with it, so we headed to Walmart to see if there was an inexpensive tablet that would work for our family needs. We headed to the electronic section and saw a wide range of prices and tablets.tablets-walmartWe looked through all the options and price ranges and finally settled on the T-Mobile Trio AXS Quad Core Tablet. We are so impressed with this tablet, I don’t know why I waited so long to get a new one! This tablet is just under 8″ in size (perfect fit in my purse for on-the-go), has both WIFI and 4G connections and runs the Android OS. The price point was under $200 ($179) and comes with 200MB of free data every month – no contract required! If you need more data they have some great additional plans that are contract-free and start as low as $10. We don’t always need data when we are out and about but having the ability to connect when needed was a GREAT featured, especially for free.trio-axs-tmobile-tabletI call this a great on-the-go tablet due to its size and functional flexibility. This week we had a dental consultation for some dental work that Lennox has to get done (that’s a whole other story!) and she was very nervous. I tried to explain to her that they were just looking, not doing anything, but she couldn’t get her mind off of it. We arrived a little early and I let her bring in the Trio tablet with her.

lennox-waiting-for-appointment-tabletShe sat in the waiting room playing her games, as well as in the exam room while we waited for the doctor to come in. She even talked about her game with the doctor. This even seemed to put her at ease some.trio-axs-tmobile-tablet02

When we purchased this new tablet, I also picked up this kid-friendly tablet case. When our last tablet broke, we didn’t have a good case on it – so I figured from the get go, having a good kid-friendly case was a good idea! If you head to Walmart to buy a T-Mobile Trio AXS Tablet, make sure to check out all the cases they have – they have a great selection!


Finally, the ultimate test for this tablet was the Lennox test! I handed it over to Lennox and she could figure out how to turn it on, get to an app and start using it. I would call that Kid-Approved! A happy kid, equals a happy mommy! Super mommy or not!

lennox-waiting-for-appointment-tablet-carDisclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and the #TabletTrio campaign. All opinions and photos are 100% my own.

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17 thoughts on “On-the-Go with a T-Mobile 4G Tablet: Trio AXS Quad Core

  1. kim

    Love the fact that it’s big enough for me to see!! These old eyes are getting worse!! I could definitely put it to use. Glad you got one!!

  2. Taco Bob

    In case anyone is curious, the 200mb for life from T-Mobile deal is available for the iPad as well. They just set you up with a SIM card. It’s decent. 🙂

      1. Taco Bob

        oops… there is that, yeah. You have to have a Wifi/Cellular iPad. Forgot about that little detail. 🙂

        But, for those that have an iPad with cellular capabilities but aren’t paying for a data plan, it’s an option. It’s easy to use up 200mb though.

  3. Ashley

    I bought the axs tablet 6 days ago. I tries to turn it on today, it wouldn’t come on or charge! My husband “forgot” to buy insurance for it, thank goodness that it fell within the 15 days that WalMart gives you. I’m disappointed and a little angry.

  4. Wmyers4u

    Every one of these I have seen is 3G. They advertise 4G but I have been to three Walmart stores and they are all 3G…..anyone know what’s going on?

      1. wmyers4u

        Interesting. I have purchased two 8/20/14 and on 8/25/14 (returned one) and both are 3G tablets, not 4G. The first being unable to accept OTA updates (know defect on certain ones according to their tech support). Still on a trial bases with the 2nd because it is still 3G and doesn’t appear to have any updates available.

        1. wmyers4u

          In case anyone is following this, I just got off the phone with Trio tech support and was told that build models ending in “_demo” are also defective and do not receive OTA updates to fix the 4G access issue and that I’ll either have to return it or send it in for replacement. What are the odds of this, two defective versions and I get both? I like the tablet overall so I will purchase a third tablet and see how it works. Hopefully the third time will be a charm.


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