Lennox – A Dancing Queen!

This week we are signing Lennox up for Dance Class at school. One of the many things I love about Lennox’s school is that they bring a lot of extra curricular activities into the school during after care so that we don’t have to run around to 10 different places for Lennox to be able to participate. TOTS basketball was the activity she chose to do participate in last year, but this year she has made it clear that she wants to be in dance!

She is our little dancing queen – she loves watching ballet on tv, dancing to music, and trying out some new moves! At the big consignment sale I shopped at this past weekend, I was able to pick her up some tap shoes! Her new dance class will be both ballet and tap – so one thing is marked off the list to buy!

She was so excited that I got them that she put them right on (even before I had any tie or ribbon to put on them) and started dancing away. I am unsure how she has learned a few of the tap moves she knows – but it must have been the summer activities she did at school! She set up some chairs, her stuffed animals (and me) and put on a little show for us – I had to share the video!

I can’t wait to watch her as she learns how to dance!

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