Easy Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Preparing for a Minnie Mouse Slumber Party!

cbias-disclaimer-june2014We can spend so much time planning for a birthday party or even just a slumber party. Some of us love the idea of everything “Pinterest-worthy” – but remember how it used to be a lot more simple to throw a party? When we were young our parents didn’t have Pinterest – we used party supplies from the party store and called it a day. Now that Lennox has been having friends over for parties and slumber parties with our neighbors – I have found just the right mix between store bought and a little customization thanks to Pinterest! We are in the midst of planning a sleepover and though I would share what I have done to make it a little easier on myself and hopefully you too!

Lennox has a friend sleeping over in 2 weeks and she wanted to have it be extra special and when I asked her which Disney Junior character she wanted the theme to be – she chose Minnie Mouse! That would have been my last guess for her to pick – but I’m glad she did! Minnie Mouse goes back to the roots of Disney and there are so many cute Minnie items available!

How to Plan a Minnie Mouse Slumber Party #JuniorCelebratesWe headed to Walmart this weekend and purchased a bunch of things, just in time for her slumber party. First we were happy to find that Walmart has a whole line of Disney Junior bedding. whether you are looking for Minnie Mouse, Doc McStuffin’s or even Sofia the First – Walmart has you covered!

disney-junior-bedding-walmartOnce we found a new blanket and pillow – we headed over to the party supplies. This is where the convenience factor of having such cute decorations – at an affordable price – makes party planning so easy for us moms (and dads)! We found some super cute Minnie Mouse supplies – plates, napkins, cups, tablecloth, etc. Lennox was so excited to put together a “grand picnic” when its slumber party time!

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies Minnie Mouse Party SuppliesWe gathered a few more items around the store (you can find Minnie Mouse in almost every department!) and headed home! Lennox couldn’t wait to get everything out and make her plans for the slumber party! The Minnie Mouse nightgown was one of her favorites.

Minnie Mouse Slumber PartyShe also picked out some slippers – although they weren’t Minnie Mouse she did pick another Disney Junior character – Lamby from DocMcstuffins. Everyone needs cuddles sometimes!

Minnie Mouse Slumber PartySo we have our party supplies and our bedtime supplies – Lennox requested I make a special treat for after dinner! I decided to make some Minnie Mouse cupcakes! All you need is a frosted cupcake, mini Oreos and some thin pink or red ribbon. You can make your favorite cupcakes, or even use store bought cupcakes – whatever is easier for you! I’m all about saving time!

Easy Minnie Mouse CupcakesIf you are planning on of our child’s first slumber party – use this checklist to help you stay organized and not forget anything!

Girls Slumber Party ChecklistSo what do you do to make your slumber parties special? Lennox isn’t old enough to have a big slumber party yet – but just having 1 friend or cousin over is so exciting for her and I can’t wait to hear all those little girl giggles at bedtime, again soon!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and the #JuniorCelebrates campaign. All opinions and photos are 100% my own.

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12 thoughts on “Preparing for a Minnie Mouse Slumber Party!

  1. Kat Meller

    So cute. I remember doing the “little girl” parties with my daughter ….. sometimes I wish those days were here still instead of hearing some of the college stories ….

  2. Briton

    We don’t do sleep overs. Instead we have late overs where their friends come in jammies and do all the fun stuff but they go home for the night. We might become more flexible as they get older but for now we just keep the late overs extra fun!

  3. Jenna Wood

    How adorable are those cupcakes? I think I squealed a little! Minnie Mouse is one of my favorite Disney characters too, she is just so girlie!

  4. Andrea Kruse

    What a fun party to prep for! Love Minnie and am so glad that shows like Minnie’s Bowtique have made her popular again. My daughter would love all that stuff for a sleep over. #client

    1. Heather Post author

      Minnie’s Bowtique and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is such a cute show and I love that they have brought back so many of the original Disney characters!


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