A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Lennox and I had our annual visit to the pumpkin farm last night. Usually we get there with Grandma and her cousin, Henry, but it just didn’t work out this year – but I wanted to make sure we got there before Halloween arrived! Each year we take some of the same pictures and it’s so fun to watch Lennox grow! This is somewhat of a photo dump but I wanted to get these up here prior to Halloween and so that I have another year to compare to!


2014: There is a little less of a change this year I would say over past years – but still – great to have something each year!



Once we played in the truck, it was time to get lost in the corn maze! This year it was quite the doozy! We were in there for a good 30 minutes, completely lost!! Eventually we found our way out though 🙂


 This one is too cute .. The pose and picture was all Lennox’s idea – she is such a little ham!!


Our little pumpkin!


And our little scarecrow! She loves wooden cutouts!



We have kind of gotten to the stage of the fake smile….


And lastly, a little tractor riding! I remember when she couldn’t even get up there!


She decided she could fit in the tractor wheel!

halls-pumpkin-farm-2014It was a fun evening, I wish Kyle could of joined us, but alas.. he is allergic to hay! Just a few more events before Halloween is past and we are on to the next holiday!

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