Celebrate and Play Pretend with Disney Princesses and the new Sleeping Beauty DVD! #DisneyBeauties #shop

Being a Disney Princess at Home with the new Sleeping Beauty DVD + Sleeping Beauty Printable!

cbias-disclaimer-june2014Do you have a little girl at home that just loves to be a princess? Yes? Me too! Did you know that Disney just let Sleeping Beauty back out of the Disney Vault? As of a week ago, the Sleeping Beauty DVD is now out and we couldn’t wait to head to the store to pick it up, along with some other fun and new Disney Princess products!

Celebrate and Play Pretend with Disney Princesses and the new Sleeping Beauty DVD! #DisneyBeauties #shopWe headed to Walmart on Saturday for the Sleeping Beauty, in store event! There was Disney items everywhere, more than the normal amount, and it was really fun to see some of the Walmart Exclusives!

sleeping-beauty-now-available-on-dvdLennox picked out this beautiful dress up dress! It is Rapunzel’s wedding dress and I had never seen this one before. It’s fun when you come across some new or un-common dresses! She thought it was so pretty – and the locket that it comes with? You put your own picture in it! She couldn’t wait to do that as soon as possible! This would be a great (and different) Disney costume for Halloween everyone!!

lennox-wedding-dress-rupunzelI love how she finds so many uses for her dress up clothes and how she will use her HUGE imagination as soon as she puts a dress on. When she’s running around like a crazy kid in her normal clothes, she is just that – CRAZY! But she puts on her princess outfit and she becomes elegant and sophisticated (in her mind!). Even her voice changes! Disney has a way with kids – that’s for sure. Even though superheroes would be much more up Daddy’s lane – he will get in on the Princess playtime too! I captured the two of them playing before we sat down to watch Sleeping Beauty as a family after dinner. 

lennox-daddy-princessAnd of course, since it’s Halloween – Disney Princesses will be EVERYWHERE soon! Lennox isn’t going to be a Disney Princess for Halloween – but she did want to get in on some Halloween fun. We found this super cute kit at Walmart (in the Produce department of all areas)! It turns an un-carved pumpkin into Cinderella’s carriage! 

disney-halloween-pumpkin-kitOf course, once it was done – Lennox wanted to pretend it was HER (Aurora!) carriage… and she proceeded to SIT on the pumpkin! Then she pretended to drive it! I told you… Disney lets kid’s pretend and imagine in whole new ways!!


While watching the movie – I was reminded of something that Aurora says during the movie. This is probably one her most famous lines: “They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.” I think this is a great message to little girls. Let them play, let them be little, let them have HUGE imaginations and let them DREAM! Here is a fun printable I made that I’m going to put in Lennox’s room. I look forward to when she can read it herself, each day! The printable version is available for download here.

Sleeping Beauty Quote Printable, Aurora Printable, Disney Princess Printable, Disney Quote Printable, #disneybeauties #shopLastly, Lennox has something to tell everyone …


Well said, Lennox! Keep playing, keep dreaming and keep having fun with Disney Princesses! The options are endless!



Lennox loves Halloween and dressing up as Aurora! #sleepingbeauty #disneybeauties #shop #disney #halloween

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Who is your favorite Disney princess? Will you be picking up Sleeping Beauty on DVD and Blu-Ray?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and the #DisneyBeauties campaign. All photos, videos and opinions are 100% my own!

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13 thoughts on “Being a Disney Princess at Home with the new Sleeping Beauty DVD + Sleeping Beauty Printable!

  1. Shaun

    Freaking love it! I haven’t seen Rapunzel’s wedding dress either!

    We bought this over the weekend and Paige was enthralled by it…brought back some memories and I even won the bet against my dad about Maleficent turning into a dragon.

  2. Summer Davis

    I don’t know if I have a FAVORITE Disney Princess. I relate most to Queen Elsa (I’m a little cold hearted too), but I love Merida’s strength. I also love that Belle is a book nerd because that’s totally me too. They’re all so great and each have wonderful qualities! Lennox is a beautiful princess! I love her wedding dress. 🙂 #client


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