DIY Halloween Monster Candle Votive + Glow in the Dark BOO Door Hanging

Today I wanted to share with you two more Halloween themed DIY projects that you can do in your “free” time as a mommy break – or with your kids help! I was lucky enough to receive some great Mod Podge products for use in these products. I just love Mod Podge! I have been using it for art projects since high school and I love it! There are endless possibilities and it seems like something new is always coming out!


The first project was a DIY Halloween Monster “Frankenstein” Candle Votive. This was easy and you could make these in so many different colors and ways for very inexpensive! Other than the Mod Podge, I found all the supplies at the dollar store!


DIY Halloween Monster Candle Votive

What you will need:

  • Glass Votive / Candle Holder
  • Paint Brush
  • Googly Eyes
  • Mod Podge Sheer Paint
  • Mod Podge High Temp Melts
  • Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat
  • Hot Glue Gun


STEP ONE: Once you have gotten all of your Mod Podge supplies together, the first step is to use Sheer Green (or desired color) Mod Podge. I painted the INSIDE of my glass votive holders. I knew I would not be using a real candle – so this was safe!


STEP TWO: This is what it will look like with one coat of Sheer Green Mod Podge. I ended up doing 3 more coats to get a deeper color, but you can do as many or as few coats as you wish! Also remember that once the Mod Podge dries, it will dry transparent, not cloudy as you see below.


STEP THREE: Once you have your desired color and it is dry, you will want to hot glue 2 big googly eyes onto the front of the votive holder.


STEP FOUR: Using two other Mod Podge products – the Mod Podge Silicone Craft Mat and High Temp Melts, I created the monster’s mouth on the craft mat.


STEP FIVE: It only takes a moment to dry and then you can easily peel it off and hot glue it onto the glass votive. You can add any additional details or decorations that you wish. I put scares on the side as well. The options are endless when you create a number of different Halloween monsters!


The second project I worked on was a Glow in the Dark BOO! Wooden Letter Door Hanging. You can find the full directions in my Scrapbook Wooden Letter Tutorial from Lennox’s birthday party – but I will give you the overview here – it really is quite simple! I did make this one Glow in the Dark too with an awesome Mod Podge that glows in the dark!

DIY Glow in the Dark BOO Door Hanging Mod Podge

DIY Glow in the Dark BOO Wooden Door Hanging

What you will need:

  • Glow in the Dark Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Wooden Letters
  • Exacto Knife
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Ribbon (if hanging)


STEP ONE: Using an exacto knife, trace and cut out each letter that you will need for the word you are creating. For this one, I obviously needed B-O-O. Make sure you trace and cut graphic side up so that it matches exactly the way you want it! 


STEP TWO: Once you have cut out each letter, put some glue on the wooden letter and glue on scrapbook paper.


STEP THREE: Using the Glow in the Dark Mod Podge, paint on the Mod Podge to add a shine and seal to the letter. The more coats you do, the stronger the Glow in the Dark effect will be! I did 3 coats.


STEP FOUR: If you are using on a mantle, you are done! I decided to add some black ribbon between each letter and hang it on my front door! You could use this inside too to get a better Glow in the Dark effect each night!


That’s it! I hope that you love these projects as much as I did and try using Mod Podge if you haven’t yet. It really is a great craft supply! You can find a number of other great Mod Podge projects here:

Disclaimer: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Mod Podge and Blueprint Social. The opinions and photos in this post are my own.

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