Fall at the Dallas Arboretum

This week I was able to take a few days off of work and Lennox stayed home from school. Grandma & Papa were in town and we got to go have lots of fun! On Monday we headed to Dallas (AH! Ebola! .. Ok, I didn’t worry about it.). Anyway, we headed to Dallas to the Dallas Arboretum to see over 65,000 pumpkins! Each fall they put together a pumpkin village and have pumpkins lining the whole garden. 65,000 pumpkins is a lot of pumpkins!

07-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014It was a great day to be there – it wasn’t too busy since it had rained in the morning and most kids were at school. Lennox got to explore the gardens and how different they looked from last time we were there for the tulips during Dallas Blooms.

01-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014Her favorite part of course was the Pumpkin Village. I got a number of great fall / Halloween pictures and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

16-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 15-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 14-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 13-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 12-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 11-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 10-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 09-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 08-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 06-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 05-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 04-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 03-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014 02-dallas-arboretum-pumpkin-village-2014
Have you ever been to the Dallas Arboretum during the fall or anywhere similar to this pumpkin village?

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