Fingerprint Fall Tree & Bottle Cap Pumpkins Art Project

Throughout the year I have been working on a four canvas series with Lennox – that will, when finished, be hung in our home office. I have been trying to find new ways for her to paint (using objects other than a paint brush) that are easy enough for a 4 year old to do and pretty to hang up in our house! I created the handprint winter bird painting, as well as the fork tulips painting and now we have a fall one complete; Finger Print Fall Tree with Bottle Cap Pumpkins

This is an easy art project for any toddler or young child to do on their own, or with a little help from mom or dad! Lennox had a lot of fun creating this. Here is what you need to do!


Kid Art: Finger Print Fall Tree with Bottle Cap Pumpkins



  • Canvas
  • Decoart Acrylic Paints in a variety of fall colors
    • I used: Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, Light Cinnamon, Leaf Green, Canyon Orange, Golden Straw, Cinnamon Drop, Burlap, Foliage Green

  • Soda / Water Bottle Cap
  • Paint Brush


STEP ONE: If you are like me, and can’t draw well – this is where you can cheat (or have your child do the tree part!). I traced my hand and arm and then turned it into a tree! It’s not perfect but it works for this! 


STEP TWO: Let your child start dipping their fingers into lots of different paint colors. This is where I used a wide variety of DecoArt acrylic paints in fall colors.


STEP THREE: We were trying to achieve a fall foliage tree! Lennox had fun getting her fingers dirty with paint! Let your child put on as many leaves (dots) as they wish and randomly! The more dots, the fuller of a tree you will get!


STEP FOUR: Once your leaves are done, you can make some pumpkins to put on the ground next to the tree! Instead of painting little pumpkins with a brush, this is where your water bottle / soda bottle cap comes in! Dip the cap in orange paint and create little pumpkins! You can make single pumpkins or 3 dot pumpkins!


STEP FIVE: Once you have your pumpkins, add little stems and vines! You could even add leaves or grass to the ground as well.


I love the final touches, as your child can be as creative as they want! Here is how our final finger print tree and bottle cap pumpkin painting came out – what do you think?! 


You can create this painting for very little money too! I always though canvas and paint was expensive but it doesn’t have to be. I pick up 2 packs of canvas for under $4 when on sale and paint is usually less than a $1 each! You start to have quite the collection of colors too when you do more and more crafts! DecoArt Americana Acrylics Paint is my favorite as well – they have an extensive selection of colors.

Disclaimer: I received free product in return for this post. All photos and opinions are 100% my own!

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10 thoughts on “Fingerprint Fall Tree & Bottle Cap Pumpkins Art Project

  1. Megan

    We love crafts. And this is perfect for my son. I make all our own finger paints and he lovessss painting with brushes and his body. I say body because he uses his feet, elbows, fingers, hands, and knees lol

  2. Dulci

    What a cute idea. I might have to turn a canvas sideways and get all five kids on one canvas as a present for grandma. <3

  3. Anel

    Very cute!! My husband and I did something similar to for our wedding. We had everyone do fingerprints as the leaves and put their name next to it, instead of a regular guest book. It came out great!

  4. Angela Hendricks

    This is such a cute craft!! Very clever! I have a 5 yr old and I think this would make a very cute craft for us to do together. Thanks for the great idea!


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