Last Minute Halloween Costumes & the BEST Dress Up Clothes for Kids!

When I was in New York City for Blogger Bash and Sweet Suite – I had the opportunity to check out the BEST children’s dress up line I have ever seen. You guys? The quality and beauty of the dress up clothes that Just Pretend Kids offers is stunning.

just pretend kids sweet suite 2014Lennox couldn’t have been more excited when the Enchanted Sea Princess Dress (pictured above) showed up on our doorstep. I saw it in NYC and I knew she would just love it. Everything was perfect with this dress, right down to the packaging. Instead of being folded up in a plastic bag, it comes nicely in a larger box, in a wardrobe bag. It was so nice to take out of the package and not have it be wrinkled or cheap looking.

Lennox went and put it on and pretended to be a Mermaid as she “surprised” her Grandma & Papa with the dress!

Enchanted Sea Princess Costume

She “swam” around the room – her dress looking perfect! I will note – there is glitter on the bottom tiers which shed some at first – as any glitter item does – but honestly, I didn’t care – it was so pretty! She really looked like a sea princess or mermaid when she was playing in this outfit! This is her mermaid impression….

Enchanted Sea Princess Costume

If you are looking for a last-minute Halloween costume or even a gift for Christmas – you really need to check out Just Pretend Kids. Check out some of these cute Halloween costumes that they have – a baby owl, Ice Princess (This would work GREAT for Elsa!) or even the pumpkin witch!just pretend halloween dress up

Just Pretend Kids has a wide range of dress-up outfits, focusing on princess and fantasy themed! They are encouraging children to play, use their imagination and just pretend! Whether your child is having a princess birthday party or dressing up for Halloween, Just Pretend Kids has something for everyone.



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