You've Been Boo-ed Printable and Directions

DIY Mummy Bucket, Skittles Pumpkin & You’ve Been BOO-ed Printable

cbias-disclaimer-june2014Do you want to start celebrating Halloween early and surprise a teacher, friend or even neighbor with a little Halloween treat? There is a new tradition going around called “getting BOO-ed”. You leave a treat on a friends doorstep, desk, or classroom and it’s anonymous – kind of like a secret Santa! I heard about it last Halloween and I think it’s such a cute idea! This year I decided to give it a shot and created some fun Halloween candy buckets and a printable to go along with it! Here is what I did!

You've Been Boo-ed Printable and Directions

The first thing I had to do was pick up some candy! Since I needed a good amount of candy to BOO all of the neighbors and teachers I wanted to, I stopped in at Sam’s club and picked up some Skittles & Starburst! You can find the Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club right now at the great low price of $14 for so much candy! It’s a good one stop shop!

skittles sams club

After I had all the candy and supplies I needed, I decided to create a fun Halloween themed bucket to put some special treats in! This is how I made a Mummy Halloween bucket!

DIY Mummy Halloween Bucket – You’ve Been Boo-ed

What you will need:

How to make:

  1. Take the bucket and googly eyes and hot glue them on. I find that large googly eyes give the best effect!
  2. Take a strip of gauze (try the dollar store for cheap gauze) and start hot gluing it onto the bucket, covering the eyes slightly.
  3. Continue covering the whole bucket, in any pattern that you wish. I wrapped it around, putting dots of hot glue everywhere that was loose and at the end of each strip. I then added more to the front to get this look:

Once I had the Mummy done, I added in some Skittles, Starburst and mini Halloween soda cans. I also added in the You’ve Been BOO-ed printable that I made! You can download it too!

you've been boo-ed printable cardThis is how the final buckets looked all together – how cute are they? I think I’m going to give one to Lennox’s teacher as well – I think it would be a nice surprise!diy-mummy-halloween-bucket-youve-been-booed-step5

I had some leftover Skittles and wanted to make some cute little treats for some other friends or for the Halloween party at work, so I made some small Skittles Pumpkin Treats using tulle and pipe cleaners! These are fast, cheap and easy to make!

Skittles Tulle Pumpkin Treats

Skittles Pumpkin Treats, Tulle Candy Pumpkins

What you will need:

  • Green & Brown Pipe Cleaners
  • Orange and Yellow Skittles
  • Orange Tulle

How to make:

  1. Cut out a 10″ x 10″ square of Orange tulle. If you haven’t used Tulle much before, its super cheap at the craft store – I paid $1.29/yard!
  2. Put in a handful of yellow and orange Skittles, gather up the edges of the tulle and twist it up to a Skittles bundle (aka pumpkin!).skittles-pumpkin-treats
  3. Start twisting a brown pipe cleaner around the twisted tulle to make a stem. When you get it to the length that you like (in proportion to the size of the pumpkin), cut off the remaining tulle and cover the top opening with pipe cleaner.
  4. Once that is done, add a green pipe cleaner by twisting it around once and then twisting it around a pencil or finger to make a green vine! And you’re done!

I hope that everyone likes these easy and cute Halloween treats.

Who are you going to BOO this Halloween season?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for @SamsClub #CollectiveBias and the #SweetOrTreat campaign.

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  1. Summer Davis

    OH my GOSH look at all of the Halloween cuteness in this post! I’m impressed! I think my littles would love helping me pick the yellow and orange Skittles out to make the little pumpkins!


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