Christmas Toy Gift Guide Ball Pet Teddy Tank

12 Days of Christmas Toys: Teddy Tanks & Ball Pets + Giveaway

Here is Day Two of my 12 Days of Christmas Toys – A Gift Guide for Kids series! Yesterday we talked about LEGO Juniors. If you missed that post, makes sure you check it out and enter to win TWO LEGO Junior sets! Today I’m featuring two new Telebrands™ toys – Teddy Tanks and Ball Pets.

Christmas Toy Gift Guide Ball Pet Teddy Tank

Both the Teddy Tank and Ball Pet were featuring in NYC at Blogger Bash – but I had been told ALL about them prior to this from my 4-year-old! Lennox loves everything she sees on tv – seriously, every single as seen on tv commercial, every toy store commercial, etc. She wishes she could have it all!

When I first saw that Teddy Tanks were there – I had to check them out because, honestly, I was skeptical that it would hold water (and a fish!) and not leak. Well – they have proved me wrong! You can fill up these Teddy Tank bellies with water and a fish, change, candy – whatever you wish and you won’t have any leaks! I personally was unsure about putting a fish in there – mostly because I know I would be the one that had to take care of it and clean the bowl out – so instead, I set it up as my daughter’s new piggy bank! It’s such a fun way to watch your money add up! Teddy Tank is available in 12 animals including, dog, penguin, monkey, bear and unicorn! Christmas Toy Gift Guide - Teddy Tanks Ever wonder how you would ever 1 – get everything out of the belly, or 2 – how you would clean the bowl? Well – the teddy bear comes right off to expose the bowl. Pretty easy!

Christmas Toy Gift Guide - Teddy Tanks

The second toy that I have to share with you from Telebrands™ is Ball Pets. These are great for a little younger child. They are a soft and cuddly stuffed animal that can then fold up into a fluffy, plush ball! You can roll them, catch them or toss them (maybe outside would be best for this!). They are two toys in one, and a big hit.

Christmas Toy Gift Guide - Ball Pets

After trying out this toy – I can say that it is pretty easy to roll the pet back up into a ball and the other way around – a 3 year old should have no problems with this. It’s great for travel too – roll it up into a ball and stick it in their backpack – unroll it for a stuffed animal at night! What little kid doesn’t love a new soft stuffed animal? Ball Pets come in 6 different animals including Puppy, Unicorn and Kitty.

Christmas Toy Gift Guide - Ball Pets


One lucky reader will receive both the Teddy Tank and the Ball Pet for someone on their Christmas list! Just use the rafflecopter widget below to enter. Good luck and have fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received the above products in return for inclusion in my 2014 Christmas gift guide. All opinions are 100% my own.

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25 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Toys: Teddy Tanks & Ball Pets + Giveaway

  1. Jillian Flaherty

    I would give these to my 6 year old son AJ. He has always LOVED ALL STUFFED ANIMALS! And I’m sure he’d love these as well!

  2. Amanda B.

    If I won these the Teddy Tank would be for my 6yr old Daughter and the Ball Pet would be for my 2yr old son! So cute!!

  3. Audra O'Hara

    These would be for my little girl. She’s commented on these commercials before, so I know she would love them!

  4. Angela Hendricks

    This would be for my son! He is five and would love something like this! He actually saw the commercial for this toy/product a while back and wanted it really badly.


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