black friday trips and tricks

Black Friday Tips & Tricks

Black Friday is just over two weeks away. Personally – I love Black Friday. Not just because of the deals – It’s not AS amazing as it used to be – but because it’s the official kick off of the Christmas season – shopping, Christmas decorations, Christmas music, red Starbuck’s cups – It’s always a fun day for me! I never did black friday shopping as a kid. We didn’t have a lot of stores available really close to us on Cape Cod and it wasn’t as much of the hype I don’t think. But I remember going one year during college and have been hooked ever since.

I thought I would gather a few posts that will help everyone this Black Friday while you are out shopping or at least while you make your plan of attack!

black friday trips and tricks

Black Friday 2014 Tips & Tricks

We all have our iPhones and Androids while you are out shopping or even while you are planning your shopping trip. This post has a great list of 6 Must-Have Black Friday Apps!

Once you have your mobile apps – learn what you should NOT be buying on Black Friday with this What Not to Buy on Black Friday post!

Stores are opening earlier and earlier every year – Trying to figure out what stores open when? Here is a great list of 2014 Black Friday Store Opening Times.

Here are some tips on how to NOT Lose Your Mind While Shopping on Black Friday!

Want to get the in-store deals without going to the store? Here is how to get Black Friday Deals online!

Are you going to skip the stores and just shop online? Here are 7 Things No One Tells You About Online Black Friday Shopping

Here are 10 Huge Predictions for Black Friday 2014!

Make sure you are not overspending with this Black Friday Budget Plan Printable

And if you are not into shopping – then here are 15 Fun Family Activities for Black Friday that don’t include shopping!

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday Tips & Tricks

  1. Christy

    Going out for Black Friday scares the snot out of me and I won’t do it. I literally got knocked down over a Tickle Me Elmo when my oldest was a wee-tot. I do my Black Friday shopping online now. Thanks for the tips!


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