How to Decorate a Christmas Tree for Under $10, Decorate a Christmas Tree on a Budget

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree for UNDER $10!

Have you ever wanted to add another Christmas tree to your house or refresh the decorations that you have for a tree that already exists, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Well, there is no need to go out and spend $50, $60 or even $70 on new decorations. If you hit the right stores early enough in the season, you will save lots of money and get the job done quickly!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree for Under $10, Decorate a Christmas Tree on a Budget

This year I decided to get a Skinny/Pencil Christmas Tree for the master bedroom – It’s small in comparison to the room but we love to sleep with the glow of the Christmas tree. I knew that most people wouldn’t see it, so I didn’t need some big fancy decorated tree but I didn’t want to keep it plain! I was able to pick up the tree for $30 at Target and decorate it for only $8!

How did I do it? I shopped early (before Thanksgiving) at the Dollar Tree (dollar store). I was able to get everything pictured below for $8! christmas-tree-under-10-ornaments-dollar-tree

The tubes of ornaments are great. They are plastic – but on the tree they look glass. Sometimes when you look at decorations like this in the store, they don’t look that great – but get them away from the store and into your home and they look just as good as anything else – especially if you are decorating a basic themed tree.

This was the skinny tree that I picked up. It’s a 6 foot tree. Pretty basic but perfect for the corner of any room!


I knew I just wanted a classic Christmas tree look, so I grabbed 3 tubes of ornaments (Gold, Red & Green), a 9 pack of small red bells, 3 large decorative bell decorations, a large bow for the top rather than a star (much easier and I like the way it looks). I also picked up a new box of ornament hooks. Finding ornaments that come in a pack of multiples is a great way to save at the dollar store too!

This is how the tree looked after Lennox and I decorated it!christmas-tree-under-10

What do you think? I think for $8 – it looks great! You could add some ribbon into it to make it even more full looking – I may do that next time – but its classic, easy and CHEAP! Next time you are looking for some new ornaments – make sure to check out the Dollar Tree or your local dollar store – if you hit the store early enough, you can find some cute ornaments, super cheap!

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