Sneak Peek: New Mommy / Daughter Photos

Lennox and I have started a new tradition of getting Mommy / Daughter photos taken each fall. My friend, Diana from has started taking our photos and I love how these came out! I still have to go through all the images but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek!

Last year, our photos were football/Texas Longhorn themed and caught some attention around the web which was pretty exciting!

This year – we went for more traditional photos but found a new location that I just love in our hometown.

Here is a sneak-peek! More coming soon!



I love that I finally get in front of the camera with Lennox instead of the one taking her picture. I just don’t know when Lennox got so big!!

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8 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: New Mommy / Daughter Photos

  1. Dorothy Teel

    Just a great idea, I love the idea and then years for now you can look back and see how much you both have changed, keep it up, I did something similar with my childrens school pictures and put them in a frame and the next year I would put the new one over the old one until they got old and graduated and then we looked at all the pictures that were in one frame was a lot of fun, now they have those pictures for their family and kids enjoyment, plus then I only had one frame of each boy to

  2. Rosie

    Excellent photos! And what a little heart stealer with those pink cowboy boots! I love the idea of taking mom & daugher photos annually!!!


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