Trick or Treating 2014

Well, another Halloween is in the books! It was another great holiday full of smiles, laughter, joy and – without fail – some tears! Lennox has been a wide range of characters in the past year – starting with a Skunk! Then, Pebbles, a Pink Pirate and Hawkgirl!


This year, Lennox went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. We are still unsure how she ever learned about Dorothy as she had never seen, read about, etc the Wizard of Oz but she made a perfect Dorothy and now loves the movie!

trick-or-treating-2014As in many past Halloween’s, Lennox’s grandma made her costume shirt and dress and then I found the finishing touches. I think it came out great and she made a pretty awesome Dorothy! Here are some photos from our night of Trick or Treating!



09trick-or-treating-2014Something is different in this picture – can you figure it out? It took us a while to see what was different!!   08trick-or-treating-2014


Once we were done trick or treating ourselves, it was time to give out some candy – I think Lennox has just as much fun doing that then going around and getting candy herself! 07trick-or-treating-2014Our neighbors were doing the same and they decided to have a DANCE PARTY! 06trick-or-treating-2014 And, because when Halloween is all done – you have to check out your candy haul before going to bed!!04trick-or-treating-2014 I hope everyone had a fun night of tricks and treats, but mostly treats! Until next year!

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4 thoughts on “Trick or Treating 2014

  1. Kami

    So adorable! Great costume!!! That photo is SO freaky!! Lincoln would have lost it! I think his favorite part was passing out the candy 🙂


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