Another Year of Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf, HoHo, has returned for another year of shenanigans. I will have to say, I have not done as good of a job having him hop around the house this year – with being so busy this holiday season – but I’m now on vacation through the rest of the year and plan on doing some fun stuff with HoHo as we head into Christmas day!

clever ideas for elf on the shelf

Here are some of the shenanigans that HoHo has gotten into so far this year!

Then one day he got himself stuck in the K-Cup holder! Lennox was a little concerned!

HoHo found a girlfriend and was cruisin’ around in her pink convertible!


Day 3 with HoHo the Elf! Cruisin’ around with his babe Barbie! #EOTS #ELFONTHESHELF #hohotheelf #CHRISTMAS

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A special breakfast treat was a big hit as well!


HoHo left Lennox some donuts this morning! #EOTS #elfontheshelf #hohotheelf #christmas

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One day, HoHo brought Lennox some change for her piggy bank in her room. She was so excited that he was in her bedroom!

And today HoHo is taking a bubble bath in marshmallows! Lennox keeps eating his bath!!


Hoho is taking a marshmallow bubble bath this morning! Lennox keeps eating the bubbles! #elfontheshelf #EOTS #hohotheelf

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Stay tuned for more shenanigans this week from HoHo!

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