10 Classic Toys for the Holidays

Back to Basics Christmas Toys

I love helping my daughter put together her Christmas wish list, full of toys and goodies, and of course I purchase a lot of what is on her list – but this year – I think I may incorporate some classic / retro toys!


Remember the classic toys that we grew up playing? They were simple, most of them took no batteries, made us creative and were truly just good old fashion fun. Toys now are great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they are so complicated, have a ton of pieces or have no staying power.

Here are my top 10 Classic Toys for the Holidays! All of these toys can be found on Fat Brain Toys.

Mr. Mouth

Mr. Mouth is a classic that reminds me in a way of Hungry Hungry Hippos – but with flies! Mr. Mouth is an alternative to the everyday board game; it is an aim-and-launch game that is fun for the whole family!


Spirograph let’s your child be creative in a new way. Mix pen colors, create unique designs and try new things with this fun and classic art set. No two designs are the same!


Simon is a fun game that turns into a real game of skill the farther and farther along you get! Teach your child to follow patterns and work on their memory skills with the classic 1978 Simon game.

Lincoln Logs

Remember opening the can of Lincoln Logs and smelling the fresh cedar smell? The green roofs, the different size logs and the endless buildings you could build. Whether your child builds a big ranch or  a town full of small log cabins – there is much fun to be had from this classic building set.

Candy Land

Candy Land is both my all time favorite and my 4 year old daughters favorite board game. This is a great first board game for your child! No play through is ever the same – work your way through the gumdrop mountains and peppermint forest!

View Master

Remember sliding the round discs/films into your red view master and clicking between pictures? Whether you were looking at animals, cities or trucks – for some reason this was always entertaining, especially in the car!


The classic game of Jacks is a fun outdoor game to play – sit on the front porch or at your neighborhood park and work on your coordination and timing while bouncing the ball and picking up your jacks!

Pick Up Stiks

Before we had Jenga to keep us on our edge of our seats, we had Pick up Sticks! This set of Pick Up Stiks is a classic game that tests your nerves and stead hands! This is great for a little older child.


The classic card game that provides hours of fun for the whole family. Match the color and numbers and see who can get Uno first! I remember playing this for hours with my neighbor friends! 

Silly Putty

Silly Putty is a great stocking stuffer and a toy that I will always remember. Do you remember sticking your Silly Putty on the Sunday funnies or on the front page of the newspaper to find the type and pictures transfer onto he putty? 

The nostalgia of these toys is big and the fun we had with them was even bigger. I hope that my daughter, and your children, enjoy them just as much as we did as kids!

Note: I am an ambassador for FatBrainToys.com. This post was originally written and posted on Fat Brain Toys – Toy Blog.

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5 thoughts on “Back to Basics Christmas Toys

  1. nicole dz

    Awesome list here, with some great classic toys, but I think a good one is a train set, I love putting one around the tree.

  2. Karen Glatt

    I remember these toys! I like Spirograph a lot and View Master and Lincoln Logs were so much fun to play with. I still think these are such classic toys that any child would love to play with!


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