Our Visit with Santa at the North Pole!

Last month Kyle had to be traveling for work and ended up in Colorado for 3 weeks – so Lennox and I went for a long weekend to visit. We got to have a lot of fun in the cold, snowy weather, which I just love – but for Lennox, I think the highlight was this little Gem that we found North Pole Colorado – Home of Santa’s Workshop, just outside of Colorado Springs.



The North Pole Colorado is the perfect family spot during the holiday season if you are visiting the Denver or Colorado Springs. So what exactly is the North Pole? To kids, it’s where Santa lives when he’s not with the Elves in North Pole, Alaska. But to everyone else, it’s a Christmas themed amusement park. Built in the 1950’s at the base of Pikes Peak, it is full of nostalgia that I hope Lennox remembers forever!


We were lucky enough to meet up with some friends, Censie from Building Our Story, and her family. It was great for the kid’s to get to see each other again (they love each other!) and for us to re-connect! I just love that we get to travel to Colorado from time to time now and have friends there!



Since went during a very cold spell, there was snow on the ground, which was SO festive – but it also meant that we had to BUNDLE UP a whole bunch! Once we had all our layers on, we headed into the park.


The first thing we learned is that they don’t accept money inside the park. You have these index card sort of tickets that everything is kept track on – it’s kind of nice not to have to pull your wallet out at lunch or for a souvenir! Everything in the park was priced really reasonable too – which is really nice to see! I don’t mind paying $5-8 for lunch per person — rather than $15 at some tourist spots!

santas-workshop-colorado-07There are so many rides inside the park too. Some of them are Christmas themed and others are just kid themed. The best thing is that kids aged 2-6 can pretty much go on ALL the rides. I love that they are so kid-centric. It is the perfect spot for the older toddler/young child!

This ride was really fun – you ride in a Christmas Tree Ornament around the big white Christmas Tree. There is a lever in each ornament that raises and lowers the ride. Lennox and Jude tried to figure it out as they went around and around – and they did pretty well!

santas-workshop-colorado-09santas-workshop-colorado-08They also loved the rides where you could drive a race car, a lady bug or even a motorcycle! They were all beeping at each other!santas-workshop-colorado-17

Lastly, I think this was their favorite ride! This one they got to go up and down and pretend to be riding a horse as a cowboy! The giggles that came out during this ride were GREAT!


Just watch them ride!

The highlight of the park, of course, is Santa Claus and his house! You go right into his house and can sit with him in his “living room”. Mrs. Claus is in there too. I only snapped a few photos myself – as they had a photographer in there – photos were only about $8 too! So worth it! It wasn’t busy so each child was able to really sit and talk to Santa if they wanted. Santa also talked to mom and dad and had lots of fun with the kids! Santa was very surprised when Lennox said she wanted a Telescope for Christmas, but was happy as well! Santa suggested maybe a Frozen Elsa toy too – go figure!



Outside of Santa’s house is a mailbox for Letters to Santa. I did not realize this prior to our visit, but if you put a letter in there with your address on it – you will receive a card back from Santa! How cute!


The whole park is so quaint and cute! From the North Pole toy shops to the decorations, Christmas music, little restaurants and even the gondolas that will bring you over the park – you really feel like you are hanging out with Santa all day!



Eventually it was time to head back to Denver and say goodbye to our friends. I don’t think the kid’s wanted to EVER leave – but the sun was setting and it was time to get back down the mountain. It was a great day and I hope we can go back again – maybe even next year!



I would highly recommend visiting the North Pole in Colorado if you are in the area – especially at the holiday time – although they are open all year round! If you do plan on visiting, I encourage you to read these North Pole Colorado Santa Tips from Building our Story as well as checking out some tips directly from the North Pole!

1501340_10152882998925185_8785014541916804025_oYou can find more information about the North Pole Amusement Park in Colorado on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their website!

Note: My family received free admission to the park in return for this post. All opinions are my own and I did LOVE the park!

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