Make a Valentine Mailbox, DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox

Make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox + Craft Link Up

Do you remember getting excited to receive all the valentine’s from you classmates on Valentine’s day in school? It was always so fun to see what each friend would bring in for you! Last year we bought a little mailbox for Lennox to use at home with all the little valentine’s she would make – this year I transformed it into a larger mailbox for to play with.

Make a Valentine Mailbox, DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox

This project takes a little time due to the paint drying, but it only cost $2! You can usually find these little mailboxes at your local craft store or even Target in the dollar section. The stand, is actually a glass candle stick holder, painted white with glitter.


All you need to do is paint the mailbox and candle stick in whichever color you wish. I used multi-surface acrylic paint, which worked well – but I did have to do 3 coats on the glass to get a solid color.

Once they are completely dry, I hot glued the candle stick to the bottom of the mailbox! Decorate the mailbox any way you want (or let your kids decorate them however they want) and they are ready to play!

Make a Valentine Mailbox, DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox


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37 thoughts on “Make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox + Craft Link Up

  1. Jeanine

    Oh wow! This is beyond cute and so creative. In school we used to make little bags with brown paper bags. This is a much better and cuter idea. Kids can keep them and not have to worry about them getting lost! My girls would love to do this!

  2. jenny at dapperhouse

    I never thought to look for these at the craft store but I will now. Not only will this be fun for Valentine’s day, but I can leave sweet notes and treats in it for my son the rest of the year. Great craft!


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