Lennox’s First Daddy / Daughter Dance

Saturday evening was Lennox’s very first daddy / daughter at our local community center! She just couldn’t wait for it to begin. She did ask me a few times, if I was going to go as well, but the answer of course was no! It was time for the two of them to have fun and be together! When it was finally time to get ready, she got her hair done (she requested it be straightened), got dressed and put a little lipstick and blush on! She was ready to go… after she checked herself out… of course! No surprise there!daddy-daughter-dance-bw daddy-daughter-dance-bw2The other weekend I brought Lennox to pick out her dress and she picked this beautiful pink dress – extra fancy – and again I’m sure no one is surprised!!!daddy-daughter-dance-02

I will say, when did she get so big? This is about what her future prom picture will look like I think! Before they ran out the door (in a hurry as usual!) I had to snap a few pictures of Lennox and Kyle together. I just love how they came out!

daddy-daughter-dance-05 daddy-daughter-dance-04

And a little crazy-face from Lennox!daddy-daughter-dance-03I received a few photos and videos throughout the evening, but one of the highlights for her were that a few of her friends were there AND Elsa & Olaf! Elsa sang Let it Go and Olaf was around for warm hugs!


And do you ever wonder what exactly they play at daddy daughter dances? Well, apparently there is A LOT of Taylor Swift but there is also this little number … !

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY… You can now have that song in your head again 😉

Anyway, they had a great time and I look forward to the fact that it can be a new yearly tradition for the two of them to do! I know I enjoyed a few hours to my self and they had a good time too!

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