Help Your Body; Before, During & After Vacation!

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In just a few weeks we will be traveling to Europe for our big vacation that I won last year at work! Kyle and I couldn’t be more excited to experience Italy, France and England all in one trip. Lennox probably wishes she could come – but Mommy & Daddy need a little break and a trip while she will spend lots of quality time with her Grandma & Papa! While thinking about this some, I thought making a few changes in our day-to-day routine would help ensure our well-being before, during and after our vacation. The biggest change is introducing a new supplement that will help support our immune systems immediately and continue to while we have our vacation of a lifetime, and even when we return back home. The first on my list was finding the right Vitamin C supplement.


I headed to the Health & Supplement department at my local Walmart and found just the thing; Ester-C 1000mg Tablets – up to 24 Hour Immune Support!* After reading the information on the package and looking at the competition, I decided that Ester-C was the best product to buy.


Ester-C is easy to add into your daily routine – just one supplement a day will help support your immune system! Did you know … In a daily dose of Ester-C, the supplement will get into your white blood cells and stay there for up to 24 hours – that’s longer than regular Vitamin C!


I did like that Ester-C was in a solid form rather than a powder that you add to your drink; in a way it seems easier to me and much quicker! I hope to take this with my breakfast each morning, but there are plenty of mornings where my breakfast is on the go so I can just throw a bottle into my work/laptop bag and take one whenever I get time to eat my breakfast!


Did you know? Ester-C is specially manufactured to neutralize pH. This makes these supplements non-acidic and stomach friendly.

Then you have the mornings when you just have no time at all to eat breakfast and all of a sudden it’s lunch time! Leave a bottle of Ester-C at home, in your laptop bag or purse and even at work! Then no matter, where you are, you can get your daily dose of Vitamin C with Ester-C and you will be on your way to helping support your immune system, even with the busy lifestyle so many of us have!

Did you know? One serving daily of 1000 mg of Ester-C® delivers up to 24-hour immune support 365 days a year.*


So what else can you do to support your immune system and just treat your body well before heading on vacation? Here are some tips: 

5 Things to Do for Your Body, Before You Travel

  • Get lots of rest! This is usually easier said than done, but even with the long to-do list you may have, it’s a really good idea to start your vacation well rested.
  • Eat Healthy! Try to eat healthy, or healthier at least, before vacation and even during vacation. We all indulge on vacation but keeping a semi-balanced diet while traveling will help you from having other issues while traveling!!
  • Don’t Forget the Sunscreen! Make sure if you are going somewhere in the sun or even in the snowy mountains, sunscreen is very important! You don’t want to ruin your vacation by spending the day miserable and red as a lobster!
  • Ester-C! And as I mentioned earlier in this post – Don’t forget to take your Ester-C everyday during your trip and every other day of the year!

P.S. Make sure to check back to hear all about our fun adventures!

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