A Social-Media Experiment Gone RIGHT!

Today Shaun from Driving Miss Peanut is sharing an awesome social-media experiment she did with a request her 4 year old daughter had. The results? Completely great! I may just have to add England, Italy and France to her list!


My name is Shaun, I’m the newly 30 twenty-something mind behind Driving Miss Peanut!

Heather has asked me to “fill in” while she’s off traveling around Europe with Kyle…you lucky guys! Hope you’re enjoying some wine and gelato in Italy for me!

My daughter, Paige, is a few months shy of turning 5 and she is such a sponge! She and I have been discussing our states, which has been really fun for me! We’re learning where they are and a few facts about each one.

A month or so ago, she mentioned wanting a postcard from each state, after seeing one at a local rest area on the highway. So I did what any social media-addicted mom would do – a call for help on Instagram!

IMG_7066And how awesome the help has been! Within just a few hours I had 37 states agreeing to send us postcards. They’re still trickling in and Paige has received postcards from not only across the U.S. but from Ireland, Italy, and England too!

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It’s become a habit to take one postcard and read it at night – our friends have been awesome at sharing facts and tidbits about their states with us! I will have a final count up on the blog soon, so be sure to check back to see how we’re doing!

As this project slowly begins to wind down, I’m looking for ways to display her collection – a photo album, a giant poster board all seem like great ideas. If you have any, please feel free to share!

I hope you’re enjoying your trip, Kyle & Heather! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you return!

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