Chuck E. Cheese’s Decoder Promotion

As you may have already read, Lennox is for sure a Chuck E. Cheese’s Kid! She just loves it there. I’ll be sharing a bunch about Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday parties soon, but first I wanted to share with you the latest promotion that is going on at your location play zone! 

So how does the Super Secret Decoder promotion work? Well, for a limited time your local Chuck E. Cheese’s will be giving your kids a game piece and a pair of decoder glasses with every purchase of a value deal (really the best way to get the most out of your money, by the way!). Kid’s will then be able to go around the gams and decipher different games and images throughout to gain more clues towards their own prize to be redeemed at the prize counter!

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.34.35 PM

Whenever we get a chance, we head to Chuck E. Cheese’s with Lennox. My favorite time is to go before lunch, when they first open to take advantage of the emptiness of the store! Lennox can run around and play whatever she want, without waiting or it being too crowded. With a Value Meal we are able to get pizza, drinks and 30 token for $30.


Between eating, playing and dancing with Chuck E., we are able to be there for about 2 hours for $30 bucks. I think that is a great way to spend the morning for Lennox!

And really, if your little one can’t be a kid and have fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s, then where can they? I know Lennox enjoys herself! Just look:

Stay tuned for more great Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday info and an upcoming giveaway!

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18 thoughts on “Chuck E. Cheese’s Decoder Promotion

  1. Jen V

    My kids used to love Chuck E Cheese when they were little. We haven’t been there in years. Great tip to go before lunch when it is less crowded.

  2. Christina

    Chuck E Cheese is such a fun place for kids. I used to work with kids and we would take 50 or so there for field trips. Always an adventure!

  3. Ave

    I really wish we had Chuck E. Cheese here in Spain too. It sounds like so much fun and I’m sure my daughter would love it.


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