Cat Care Chores for Kids, How to have kids help take care of cats

How a 5 Year Old Can Help Take Care of a Cat

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As I have mentioned before, we have 3 cats and a dog in our house. Call it a mini zoo. They are part of our family, even if it’s a little much sometimes! We are at Target this weekend picking up some pet supplies that we needed and Lennox told me she wanted to help pick everything out. So, of course, I let her! You pretty much can find any everyday cat and pet care item that you will need at Target, which is nice that you can do one less stop while running your weekly errands!

target pet care department

This got me thinking. From time to time Lennox would feed and water the cats, but now that she is five, it’s time to give her more daily responsibility.  We have had a hard time sticking with chores. It is partially our fault, but I think starting with one area rather than being so broad with household chores,  may help. So lets start with the cats!

Cat Care Chores for Kids, How to have kids help take care of cats

Cat Care Chores For Kids

Feed the cats before bedtime

This is an easy chore, as we only give our cats dry food. If Lennox will fill up their bowl before bed each night the cats are set until the afternoon the next day! We also just switched our food to IAMS Dry Food – Indoor Weight & Hairball Care. Lennox can barely get the food bowl down before the cats have run into the room to eat it! They just love it so much. Especially our picky cat, Gracie!
gracie-iams-cat-foodPS. If you are shopping at Target, which I recommend, make sure to get one of these Cartwheel coupons:

Give the cats fresh water daily

Fresh water is so important with cats. We learned this the hard way when one of our cats kept getting sick. Now we make sure they always have a clean bowl of water. Another easy task for a five year old to do. But I would recommend bringing the water to the bowl, rather than filling the bowl with water and walking across the house with it! 

Play with the cats

This isn’t really a chore, but more a reminder! Be nice to the cats and play with them. Indoor cats don’t always get as much exercise as outdoor cats, so finding new toys and just giving them the attention and love they need make them happy pets!

Clean the bowls once a week

Making sure that the bowls get washed with soap or run through the dishwasher once a week is important. There are so many germs and gunk that build up over the week – so make sure they get clean! Another easy job for a five year old!

Clean cat food mat once a week

Cleaning the mat, whenever you clean the bowls is another easy task that can be done. Rinse it off in the sink or use a wipe to clean it all off. Our mat is plastic so it’s quick and easy to clean. 

One thing that was came about unexpectedly was that our cat Gracie, who is known as the not so nice cat around here, has decided to start loving Lennox! She wants to go to bed with her every single night. She will cuddle up with her in bed for a few hours before asking to get out of the room. And then of course, in the middle of the night, she is meowing to go back in the room!gracie

Although the middle of the night meowing is somewhat annoying, it’s sweet to listen to Lennox each night talking to her kitty, Gracie, while she tries to go to sleep. It has also made bedtime go just a bit smoother each night. We have less and less, “mom, I need to tell you something” calls from upstairs! I’ll take it!

So if you are considering having your young child help you with some chores around the house and you have a cat or dog, use these tips to help you get started! And if you shop at Target already, make sure to check out their pet care department for all your pet needs! We were able to find everything we needed (plus a little more!), thanks to Target.


Do you get all of your pet items at Target? How do your kid’s help out?

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23 thoughts on “How a 5 Year Old Can Help Take Care of a Cat

  1. Jeanine

    This is so great. My kids don’t really pay attention to my cat. I do it all for her and I don’t mind but I’d love to get them involved!

  2. Dria

    I love seeing how you are getting your child involved really makes a difference when kids feel they are taking care of an animal! Adorable cat too!

  3. Lorane

    A “mini zoo” sounds like fun! The best thing Lennox could do for the Cats is play with them:-) She’s doing so good with the cat i hope she keeps it u

  4. Carol Bryant

    Thank you for teaching children how to care for an animal properly and for putting a positive post out there. Kids learn how to care for and behave around animals at a young age. I am glad to read this positive post.

  5. lisa

    We have 2 cats and my 6 year old loves to feed them. She also loves to give them treats although I have to keep an eye on her or she’ll give too many treats!!

  6. Jessica Harlow

    I think it’s really important to have the kids start helping around the house at an early age. Giving them some responsibilities with pets is a great place to start. My kiddos love helping take care of our furry family members.


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