Last Day of School 2015

Last Thursday was Lennox’s “official” last day of the 2015 school year. She will continue at her Montessori school through the summer in the summer program – but the formal Montessori classroom schedule is done for the year. This is a big deal for Lennox! This marks the “official” end to her Montessori career. She has had a great experience with Montessori and I wouldn’t change how it turned out at all! She has quite the journey ahead of her into public school and to a more “traditional” school, which I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about soon enough! Fingers crossed its at our first choice school! eek! Anyway, here are some photos we took yesterday morning to capture her last day of school 2015!

last-day-of-school-2015-3 last-day-of-school-2015-2 last-day-of-school-2015

And to take a look from the first day to the last day – not as much of a difference as some years, other than she is taller!


You can find the last day of school printable that I included in the photos here as well.

Last year, at the end of the school year I asked her a number of questions. Her answers from last year are struck out and here are her answers this year.

  1. What is your name: Lennox Lennox
  2. My grade this year is: Primary 1st Year Primary 2nd Year
  3. I loved learning about: Pouring between bottles 8 Chain
  4. When I grow up I want to be: a butterfly with a costume Horse Trainer
  5. My best friends are: Paxten, Gabby & Ava Paxten, Ava B. & Ava M. & Ava K.
  6. My favorite book is: Love You Forever Paddington
  7. My favorite color is: Pink and Purple Pink & Purple
  8. My favorite game is: Don’t Wake Daddy Candy Land
  9. My favorite lunch is: Pizza Pizza
  10. My favorite thing about school is: Singing songs I love learning stuff
  11. Next year, I am excited to: Have picnics I’m going to have lots of fun. 

Here is a comparison from last year to this year!

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