Twizzlers Party Snack Mix

Twizzlers Party Snack Mix

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Candy, what is your favorite candy? Do you prefer some chocolate, something sour or something sweet and chewy? I love all candy, but one of my go to candies has always been Twizzlers Twists. Twizzlers Twists have always been one of my Mom’s favorite candies too – maybe I got my love of them from her! I tend to alway pick up a package on a pit stop on a road trip or in the airport before boarding our plane. We’ll be traveling up to Cape Cod soon and I know i’ll be wanting some. So I though this time, I would put together a snack mix and bring it with me. I needed a snack mix that wouldn’t melt in the summer heat, but was still easy and tasty to bring with us in the car and on the airplane next week to Cape Cod. 


When I was at Walmart, I decided to make a snack mix out of the Twizzlers candy. I was able to find everything I needed, including Twizzlers Twists and Twizzlers Bites. 


We have all made the traditional snack mix of popcorn, peanuts, raisins and chocolate pieces, so I decided to put together some different treats that we love and make a No Melt Twizzlers Snack Mix. It is really quick and you can store it for quite some time as long as you use an air tight container! Here is what you will need.

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No Melt Twizzlers Snack Mix




  1. Start by adding in some mini marshmallows! You can use white ones or colored ones, depending on how you want your party mix to look!
  2. Now add a few handfuls of vanilla wafer cookies into a bowl. Feel free to use any type of cookie or sweet cracker you may like.
  3. Next you will add in a mixture of raisins and dried cranberries. Dried cranberries are one of our favorite snacks, so I always incorporate them wherever I can!
  4. Lastly it’s time to add in the best part – Twizzlers Twists Candy! I took some of the original Twizzlers Twists Candy and cut them into small pieces. You could use any flavor you wish though – they even have rainbow-colored Twizzlers now, if you are looking for and summer colorful party mix! I added the cut up Twizzlers candy into the party mix and mixed it all together. 

It comes together with a lot of color and it tastes delicious! I love that this snack mix won’t melt this summer and it will be easy to travel with.

What is your favorite snack to bring with you while traveling?

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14 thoughts on “Twizzlers Party Snack Mix

  1. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    Thank you so much for this suggestion. I often grab a bag of Twizzlers and eat the entire thing without sharing. I love Twizzlers over any other snack and I bet they would taste great in this party snack mix.

  2. Nicole Elliott

    No melt snacks are an absolute must for summer trips and this mix looks like it would be super tasty!!! Of course you can’t forget the Twizzlers Twists–my mom has always loved them, too! ~ Client

  3. Birdiebee

    I love these Twizzlers bites. I never thought about adding them to a snack mix. I eat these when I travel to keep up my concentration while driving.


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