End of Summer Pudding Snacks, Pudding Cups, Summer Pudding, Spring Pudding

Back to School Pudding Snack

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School is in session! We all survived the summer and I still have so much to share if my days ever slow down but we had a successful first day and here’s to an exciting new school year!


With back to school season comes back to school snacks and treats! We always have a stocked drawer in the fridge full of fruits and veggies for Lennox but sometimes you want a sweet treat – so we also have a drawer full of those including pudding, Snack Pack pudding to be exact.


Snack Pack pudding is good on its own, but making something fun and cute is always a good time for Lennox. She loves helping out in the kitchen and making sweet treats with me. So after the second day of school, we put together some easy “end of summer” pudding cups and they were so quick to make and a big hit!

End of Summer Pudding Snacks, Pudding Cups, Summer Pudding, Spring Pudding

End of Summer Pudding Cups

All you need is:

  • Snack Pack Pudding (we used Chocolate)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Sprinkles
  • Icing or Candy Flower

How to make:

Take a Snack Pack pudding cup and top with whipped cream – you can put as little or as much as your child desires (Lennox likes a lot!). Then sprinkle on your favorite sprinkles and top with an icing flower. You could use candy, lollipop, sugar flowers, etc – whatever you have in your pantry!


It really only took 5 minutes to get everything out, made and cleaned up and it was a fun snack. You can find Snack Packs at your local grocery store and they are very inexpensive and don’t need to be refrigerated, so they are easy to pick up at any time.

This back to school season take a moment to slow down and enjoy a tasty and fun treat with the kids. Snack Pack comes a variety of flavors and offers endless mix-in opportunities the kids can help prepare. Each serving of Snack Pack is fortified with as much calcium as an 8-oz glass of milk,* so you can feel good about serving your kids Snack Pack. For mix-in inspiration, visit Snack Pack on Pinterest (pinterest.com/snackpack) and Facebook (facebook.com/SnackPackPudding).

*All Snack Pack products contain 30% DV calcium, with the exception of Bakery Shop Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Pudding, and Snack Pack Gels.

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