Healthy Snacks for On The Go

Life has been so busy lately. We put our home, our first home (!) on the market yesterday and i’m ready for things to start slowing down, at least a little bit! There have been days in the past two weeks where I have barely had time to eat a meal on the go, never mind sit down and eat a meal. So snacking on the go is what i’ve had to try to do.

One of my new favorite on the go snacks is the ZonePerfect Perfectly Simply Protein Bars. I have tried so many different meal or protein bars and so many of them are not very tasty. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these. They taste great, have a lot of different flavors and they are perfect for on the go.


Some other great healthy snacks for on the go for the whole family include:

Fruits & Veggies – These are so easy to grab and go with. I find that if I prepackaged them up in small containers or bags, my daughter is more likely to grab them out of the fridge and eat them. See how I set up a drawer for her in the fridge here!

Nuts – At work we always have containers of mixed nuts, and they are great to grab on the way to a meeting or as we walk out the door! They are packed with protein too.

Protein Bars – As I mentioned before, I love the ZonePerfect Perfectly Simply bars – you can find them at a lot of grocery stores now and they come in 4 different flavors:

Water – Drinking lots of water in Texas during the summer is a must. One day while we were in the process of getting our house ready I realized I had nothing to drink from wake up to 5pm – I felt HORRIBLE the next day. I won’t make that mistake again. Water will keep you hydrated and help fill you up before a meal time.

I look forward to calmer days and evenings to come, but for now – I’ll make sure I have something with me to eat for those times when there isn’t time to stop!

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