Mini Ice Cream Cones - Magic Shell Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Smucker’s® Magic Shell Dipped Ice Cream Cones

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Well, we just returned from our great trip to Cape Cod to visit my parents. Each summer we head back to Cape Cod for some fun in the some and to give Lennox some great beach time. 


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This year, she spent everyday at the beach and every evening eating ice cream! Now that we are back, the beach may be gone and the cooler temperatures may not exist (it’s 100+ degrees here in Texas) but the ice cream does not have to be gone! We’ve had so much ice cream lately, that a big sundae is a little much for Lennox. So I took the Smucker’s® Magic Shell topping that I picked up at Kroger a few weeks ago and made some mini ice cream sundaes in a mini cone!


They are the perfect size for a kid or even bite-size for an adult; great for the whole family as an evening treat after a hot day!

Mini Ice Cream Cones - Magic Shell Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Mini Smucker’s® Magic Dip Ice Cream Cones


  • Smucker’s® Magic Dip Chocolate Fudge Topping
  • Sprinkles
  • Mini Cones
  • Ice Cream


How to Make:

STEP ONE: A few minutes before making your cones, stick them in the freezer to get cold. The Smucker’s® Magic Shell works best on things that are cold, as that is how it hardens. 

STEP TWO: Once ready, pour a small amount of the Smucker’s® Magic Shell into a small bowl and dip the tops of the cones into it. This works so much better and it’s easier than melting solid chocolate.


STEP THREE: Immediately dip the cone into a small bowl of sprinkles and cover all of the chocolate topping.


STEP FOUR: Set the cones into the fridge or freezer for 1-2 minutes to harden the Smucker’s® Magic Shell topping.

magic-shell-ice-cream-cones-03STEP FIVE: Once they have hardened, it’s time to get small scoops of ice cream (I used a melon baller) and you are ready to serve! 


These were a huge hit with Lennox and she ate it all! They really are the perfect size and so easy to make. You could even dip the cones ahead of time and store in freezer! 


If you’re looking for a bigger sundae, make sure to try out all the other ice cream toppings that Smucker’s® offers; available at Krogers and retailers nationwide.



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