First Day of Kindergarten…Take Two!

Well. What a week it has been over here in Terrell world. A few weeks ago I shared with you Lennox’s first day of the last few months of Montessori. We had decided to let Lennox stay at her Montessori school while we sold our house, found a new house and got settled. Our original hope was that she would get into a Charter school in the area, but the two weeks came and went and we didn’t get in. So that idea went out the window – some crushed hopes but it was reality and we moved on. 

Lennox started school, her old teacher was back – everything was going along smoothly. Tuesday comes along and ring ring ring goes my phone. It was our top choice school calling telling us they had someone not show up for the school year and Lennox’s name was next on the list! We couldn’t say yes fast enough! Honestly, a week into it – I still can’t believe she got in. 

So we hustled around to notify her current school, find aftercare, buy supplies (which by the way is super hard 2-3 weeks into school), buy uniforms and get ready! Then came Monday night and the night before Kindergarten! 


I don’t think any of us could believe it was time for Lennox to head to her new school and Kindergarten! Wasn’t she just born a few days ago? 

We redid her first day of school photos – because you know – I have to! She was just a tad excited!


Of course she wanted a picture with Daddy…

And mommy..kindergarten-05

Before we headed out the door and to her new school. She walked in like the biggest girl around, met her new teacher, saw her new room and then said a quick goodbye and never looked back! It’s about the cutest thing when I see her trot down the sidewalk in the morning and into the school – all on her own. She is growing up so quickly!!kindergarten-04

Here’s to a great year and hopefully a great 12 years at her new school! kindergarten-03

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