Lennox’s Fall Fashion Looks from OshKosh! #backtobgosh #bgoshjeanius

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It may still be close to 100 degrees in Texas but we’re hoping and looking forward to the cooler weather that we know will EVENTUALLY hit Texas. While we wait (in)patiently for the cooler weather, Lennox and I hit the back to school sales to get some new fall clothes! Although Lennox will be wearing uniforms at her school this year, she will still need clothes for after school and the weekends – this means we skip some of the everyday play clothes sections and get to pick out some extra cute, extra stylish outfits – since they don’t get worn as often! 

Needless to say, when we went to OshKosh we found so many great outfits – it was hard to just pick a few. Lennox wanted to try on everything! There were so many different types of outfits, different than the normal pink, glittery outfit – which I do love – but sometimes we want something different. These new outfits Lennox and I picked out were big girl outfits, in great fall colors!


As soon as we got home, it was time to show off our new clothes in a fashion show. She set up chairs for Kyle and I to sit in, we had music and a camera! The poses are 100% her own and the fashionista is her at heart! Here are her fashion looks – 6 looks, plus accessories for under $150!

oshkosh-back-to-school-outfit-01I personally just love this outfit. One, she is super cute with her jacket over her shoulder – but I love the colors – the new black, white & indigo collection is full of so many unique outfits.oshkosh-back-to-school-outfit-02

We’ve never had an flannel in her wardrobe before and honestly I didn’t think she would want it – but she did and it’s super cute! Yeehaw says Lennox! oshkosh-back-to-school-outfit-03 oshkosh-back-to-school-outfit-04As we go down, we get more and more casual. This is great cool fall day outfit! oshkosh-back-to-school-outfit-05And if it warms up, like it most likely will in our crazy Texas weather – there is a matching tank top under her hoodie!

Find your local OshKosh store to pick up some great back to school and fall looks! Make sure to use this 35% off coupon as well!

OK_Fall15 Blogger Coupon

Also – mornings can be so hectic on a school day, so to help you get going this fall and hopefully get the morning routine down pat, here is a quick checklist you could print out and have your little one fill out each day! 

back to school morning checklist

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