Lennox is a Girl Scout!

Last month Lennox became a girl scout Daisy and had her first troop meeting! This is exciting for me because I remember being a Daisy when I was in kindergarten. My mom and another friend’s mom were the leaders and we would meet in the school cafeteria. 


Her troop is small, but that’s ok! I hope they form some fun friendships, learn some great skills, work on great projects and just have fun all the time together. We are working on her uniform, but she has earned a lot of badges so far and I will have to showcase those soon. But the last meeting was on Halloween and they all wore their costumes – it was a fun meeting.


Here I am with my Daisy Girl Scout Troop at our Girl Scout camp – I can’t wait for Lennox to do this too!

Daisy Girl Scouts

I hope that Lennox enjoys girl scouts just as much as I did and goes from Daisy to Brownie to Girl Scout! And let’s not forget about Cookie Time

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