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BlogHer ’13 Monthly Link Up: It’s Time!

This time next week, I will be in Chicago for BlogHer13 with Diana (from Down Home Traveler) and about 5,000 other bloggers – whoa! I can’t believe it’s actually time for my first BlogHer. I’m really looking forward to finally connecting with some blogging buddies I’ve known over the last year or two and meeting a bunch of new ones. It’s going to be a hectic few days, but I know it will be a great break from the routine and a good opportunity for me and my blog! I can’t wait to come back and share it all with you.

What session are you most excited to attend?

I am still trying to figure out all my sessions but for sure I am looking forward to DSLR Debrief, Voices of the Year Keynote, Making the Most of Pinterest & Facebook and Is your Blog Holding You Back.

What BlogHer party are you most excited to attend?

My Bloggy Friend Shannon & Shannon will be hosting the Fly DIY official BlogHer party, which is AMAZING and I’m looking forward to helping them out!

Are you attending any private parties?

I am probably attending too many private parties but the highlights on my schedule are Sweet Suite (one, because my friend Stephanie will be working at it and I can’t wait to run into her there and I’ve heard its going to be AWESOME!), Hasbro and Mom Central Whirlpool.

Will you be attending the Expo Hall?

I will make sure to hit it at some point – probably during a session time that there isn’t something that interests me. I haven’t got an action plan on that whole area yet! Someone help me!!

Any last-minute tasks you need to finish before we leave for the conference?

I need to pack, get a few posts scheduled and then finalize my schedule! It’s almost time, I can’t believe it!

BlogHer ’13 Monthly Link Up: Roommate Edition

Another month has flown by, so it’s time for the BlogHer ’13 Link Up Party! This month’s topic is about Roomies! If you are heading to Chicago for BlogHer ’13, make sure to join in on the fun!

BlogHer 13 Monthly Link Up

1. With whom are you rooming for BlogHer ’13? I am rooming with Diana from Down Home Traveler and Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle. We have room for 1 more person… we’re still looking!

2. How do you know these ladies? Are these new bloggers you’ll be meeting at the conference or old friends? I met Diana in 2002 (or 2003) at college. We were in the same English class, with some crazy teacher. We had to write a paper about someone else in the class. We ended up partners for that project and have been friends ever since (awww…). I only recently met Amanda in person. She is another Texan blogger. We met up at the DFW Christmas get together and then we also headed out of city limits for her daughter’s first birthday party a few weeks ago!

3. What are your typical sleep and wake times at home? Do you tend to be an early bird, a night owl, or somewhere in between? I used to stay up late, get up late but now that I have Lennox, I tend to go to bed between 10-11pm and get up around 7am.

4. Tell us about your bathroom habits. {Just kidding!!! …kind of!} What is your daily routine for getting ready for the day? How long do you typically take on make up, showering, hair, etc.? My daily routine is quick and simple. Take a shower, put my hair up in a ponytail/bun/braid  (or straighten it, if I washed the night before) and head out the door. I don’t wear makeup on daily basis (I may be the ONLY Texan that doesn’t!), so I can be ready pretty quickly (20ish minutes).

5. Do you plan to spend time at the conference with your roommates, or will you try to go off on your own? I will of course spend time with them! But I do plan on catching up with a lot of other bloggers I want to meet, as well as attend the sessions that make the most sense to me and any other nightly events. I am going to try the make the most out of my time there!

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BlogHer’13 Monthly Link-Up: Travel Edition

Today I’m joining in for the second month of the BlogHer’13 Monthly Link-up. This month it’s all about Travel and getting to BlogHer’13. If you are attending BlogHer this year, make sure you join in!

1. Most importantly, how are you getting to BlogHer13? Plane, train, automobile? I will be flying in to Chicago from Dallas, TX! I will have about a 3 hour flight.

2. Are you travelling alone or with a friend? Are you stopping anywhere on your way to Blogher13? I will be traveling with my friend, Diana (from Down Home Traveler) and meeting our friend Amanda (from Princess of the Panhandle) once we get there! We don’t have plans for stopping anywhere on the way since we are flying!

3. What is your least favorite travel story or memory of traveling? Least favorite…hmmm… I haven’t had too many bad travel experiences, thank goodness! I have heard a lot of really bad ones, working for a travel company. My least favorite was probably missing my plane connection in Washington DC, by myself, while in college. I had to wait in line for 3-ish hours to get my hotel & food voucher, then I got 2 hours of sleep at the hotel (without any luggage) then back to the airport for standby. Thankfully I got the first flight out at 6am to get back to Vermont where I was going to college. It really wasn’t that bad – but it was one of my first experiences traveling by myself so it was a little nerve-wracking. Too bad I didn’t have more time, I could have enjoyed the REALLY nice hotel they put me up in and saw some of Washington DC (I still have never been there!)

Also the 9+ hour plane ride from Houston to Argentina was a longggg one but it went by quicker than I ever imagined it would!

4. What is your favorite method of travel? Plane is usually the quickest way to get anywhere I’m going. I like taking the Ferry boats over to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket when I’m home visiting family on Cape Cod. I have taken the train before, but never for a long trip. I think it would be really interesting to go on a long train trip that included sleeping in a cabin on the train!

5. Name one thing you’ll look forward to your travels to BlogHer13? Although I will miss my little one and husband immensely while going to BlogHer13, I look forward to having some Mommy time, learning more about Blogging and having fun with all of my bloggy friends! As far as the traveling aspect goes, paying for a plane ticket will be my least favorite! Dallas to Chicago, really shouldn’t cost that much, but for some reason it does!

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